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Play-Doh Create ABCs - Play-Doh with no mess!

My girls love Play-Doh. They squish it, they squash it, and they combine all the colors together. They litter the floor with tiny pieces that the vacuum refuses to pick up. Have you ever been left with a gigantic mess like that? Play-Doh ABCs provides so much of the fun without any of the mess. They can still squish it, squash it and create as they desire. In addition, Play-Doh Create ABCs teaches the alphabet, sound recognition and object recognition.

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Adorable, animated PLAY-DOH cans will entertain and intrigue players of any age. I downloaded this app because my Kindergartner is struggling with letter recognition and sound associations. She immediately fell in love with the animations and the capabilities of this app. There are three different activities to choose from: write and craft, create and share, and letter matching.

In write and craft, the player traces PLAY-DOH blobs with their finger or stylus and learns the correct formation for writing upper-case letters. After they successfully create the letter, the child is given a PLAY-DOH shape to recreate in any colors they desire. The player can save the object to the camera roll or squish it.

In create and share, children make scenes with their designed letter objects. Once their stamped scene is created, it can be saved to the camera roll and shared, if desired.

Finally, in letter matching, the player is challenged to match the letter with the appropriate object. This activity was, by-far, the most beneficial for my daughter. By touching the letter, one will hear the phonemic pronunciation. By touching each object, the child will hear what they are named. Then, they must drag the letter to the appropriate object.

This app is interesting and educationally helpful for any child working to learn their letters and phonemic pronunciations. My only complaint was that the app only includes uppercase letters. My daughter struggles with the idea that their are two different ways each letter looks, and this app does not help with that. However, for the first time, I was able to bring her the same excitement her teacher sees in school, but at home.

I firmly believe that whenever possible, the tablet should be used as both an extension activity and for reinforcement. I was so impressed with how engaged my daughter was with this app, that I actually was willing to pull out the real PLAY-DOH and deal with the mess, so she could touch the letters that she was making on the screen.  What an incredible combination of activities to enhance learning on many levels. I would definitely suggest downloading this app.

From iTunes:
Hasbro's first learning app! Top 20 Best Apps of the Week” - The Guardian UK
“The perfect blend of nostalgia and learning opportunities” -
“Fun, mess free way for learning”-Yahoo Voices
“Well-thought out, educationally beneficial, colorful”- The Learning Treehouse
“Completely transforms the way kids interact with technology” -

Learn your ABCs using ‘virtual’ PLAY-DOH modeling compound with this delightfully interactive educational app! PLAY-DOH Create ABCs application is designed to help children develop the essential skills required for reading and writing. Using this app, children will learn to: recognize letters, write letters using proper stroke order and associate letters with sounds.

Ready to craft some letter learning? Let’s shape the alphabet!

Learn how to write letters of the alphabet by using ‘virtual’ PLAY-DOH modeling compound. Discover new vocabulary words that start with the same letter. What starts with the letter A? An alligator! But be careful, it’s ready to chomp! When you successfully complete each letter, you are rewarded with a ‘virtual’ PLAY-DOH treat that you can create and customize. Want to change the color? Go ahead! Want to squish it? You can do that, too!

Build your own PLAY-DOH scenes with your PLAY-DOH creations. The PLAY-DOH gallery is just a click away on the ‘create and share’ button. There you can enjoy all the animated, colorful objects you make as you work your way through the letters of the alphabet. Select your favorite background and then bring PLAY-DOH scenes to life with custom PLAY-DOH pictures. Save your creations on your smart phone or touchscreen and share them with others!

Click on the ‘match’ button and you can enjoy a new activity: matching letters with the PLAY-DOH creations. The ‘match’ feature reinforces initial letter sounds by matching letters with objects that start with the same sound. A letter select screen allows you to play the activity on any letter you choose. Can you match the letters of the alphabet to the different PLAY-DOH creations? Give it a try!

PLAY-DOH Create ABCs includes:
-Tracing of uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet
-Exciting ‘virtual’ PLAY-DOH treats for every successful letter made
-Poem and animations to re-enforce learning letter sounds
-‘Squishable’ PLAY-DOH animations!
-A matching activity to match letters with pictures
-A letter select screen that allows children to choose any letter to play
-A creativity zone, the PLAY-DOH gallery, where kids design custom PLAY-DOH scenes
-A save-to-camera feature where parents can save and share their child’s colorful creations 

-Curriculum developed and reviewed by preschool education expert
-Multiplayer profiles that allow more than one child to play and save their progress
-Parental reporting to show progress

Providing the educational activity of making letters, molding PLAY-DOH creations, matching PLAY-DOH creations with letters and designing custom PLAY-DOH Scenes, PLAY-DOH Create ABCs will keep children entertained, while learning their ABC’s!

PLAY-DOH Create ABCs will help children develop:
-Language and pre-reading skills, including letter recognition and phonemic (sound) awareness and knowledge.
- Fine motor skills and coordination

-Their creativity via ‘learning by doing’

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Amanda completely understands the many benefits of PLAY-DOH, but she still maintains a strong dislike for cleaning it up!

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