Monday, October 28, 2013

Saying Goodbye - a social story

Social stories model appropriate social interaction by describing a situation with relevant social cues, other's perspectives, and a suggested appropriate response. The Saying Goodbye app from Special Learning, Inc offers a social story to help users learn the appropriate way to leave others. 

If you would like to download Saying Goodbye (FREE, iPad Only), please use the link below to help support Smart Apps for Special Needs:


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The first time I was introduced to the concept of Social Stories was during my son's evaluations, leading up to his Asperger's diagnosis. The psychologist we were working with asked me if I had ever used or even heard of Social Stories, and I told her no. She explained to me that Social Stories are a tool to help demonstrate expected behavior and responses for various situations. She also told me that they can be extremely useful with people on the Autism Spectrum.

Special Learning, Inc offers a fantastic Social Story to help users learn the importance of saying goodbye. The Saying Goodbye app offers a short, simple story about the importance of saying goodbye when leaving someone. Since it is short and to the point, it is easy to repeat and review as the need dictates.

If your child needs assistance learning the practice of saying goodbye to others, this is a great free app to help reinforce that behavior.

From iTunes:

Teach your child how to take leave others appropriately by saying "Goodbye" with this social story app from Special Learning, Inc.

The Saying Goodbye App for the iPad brings Special Learning’s downloadable social story to life with its vibrant colors and lively narration. This customizable app comes pre-loaded with 4 real voice options: man, woman, boy and girl. Users can also mute the voice, allowing them to play the story themselves. Though users can manually swipe the pages with a flick of a finger, an option to have the book turn the page automatically is also present.

Special Learning Social Story apps are short, illustrated stories that help teach children, affected by autism and other learning disabilities, the specific social "rules" or "norms" that are generally accepted in. Through the use of concrete, repetitive examples, the social story apps prepare children to address common social situations by teaching an understanding of social skills and the appropriate communication skills to respond effectively.

Rachel H. has a son with Aspergers who either shouts "Goodbye" at the top of his lungs, whispers it so quiet no one can hear, or just stares closed mouthed. This app is helping him learn appropriate behavior. 

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