Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Selecting a Stylus - Kidori

When I first began researching stylus pens for my kids, the Kidori Stylus stood out.  The Kidori is specifically designed for children, plus the company offers a library of workbook apps for children to practice.

My kids and I love the size and feel of this stylus.  It looks much like a jumbo crayon, though a bit heavier. The packaging says ages 3-7, but I found that I liked the feel and use of it, as well.

One thing I particularly like is there is a bit of space between the rubber tip and the solid core.  This forces the child to push slightly to get the stylus to connect with the iPad.  Since my son has fine motor delays, he has to practice pushing hard enough with a crayon to be visible on paper.  Many times, he will barely use any force on paper leaving a faint line which he declares "good enough." With the Kidori, in order for the iPad to recognize his movement, he must push down.

The Kidori glides effortlessly across the screen.  Although it has a broad tip, like a marker, it has precision even on the small keyboard of a phone.  The website states that the stylus was created specifically for the iPad. Just out of curiosity, I also tried it out on a Windows phone, as well as a Kindle fire.  It worked beautifully.

Originally, my kids used the stylus on handwriting apps, as well as the various Kidori apps. My 5 year old enjoyed it so much that he began using it on his book apps to turn pages and anything where he could tap parts of the screen.  My son hates holding pencils, crayons and markers. Finding something to help him practice his grip voluntarily is huge.

I do admit, my son got fidgety and tore the rubber tip.  I was able to repair with a little bit of glue, but I would like it better if it was a little more durable. After the incident, I talked to him about how to be a little more gentle, and we haven't had any more issues.

Not only is this stylus a great addition for kids, it could highly benefit children working to build fine motor skills. There are many apps available to help children form letters, including apps created specifically for the Kidori. If these apps are used in conjunction with the Kidori stylus, then the children will learn how to write holding an instrument and not by using their finger tip.

This is a great stylus for kids. The size and weight are perfect for little hands. I would like it better if the tip was slightly more durable, but for the price, it is a good addition for children using tablets.

For more information about the Kidori Stylus, check out the company's website at http://www.kidoripen.com

This product is available for $13.99 on Amazon at the time of this blog post.
Available on Amazon

Also make sure to check out their free apps (iPad Only):

Kidori Maze - Easy

Kidori Letters - Easy

Kidori Numbers - Easy

Rachel H. bought her first tablet because she loves technology and wanted a new toy. Little did she know how much it would benefit her children.

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