Sunday, October 6, 2013

Spiral Corrector - FREE Art/Math App

Spiral Corrector by

Fantastic app for learning about patterns and symmetry, and also for giving children opportunity for artistic expression. This free app is modeled on the old "Spiro Gyro" type of drawing activities. Three different sized cogs have a line of holes to place the pencil in, which then give a different pattern. Children can choose from either black or rainbow pencil, choose thickness, speed and pen stroke. This could also be a good calming activity for children who need the physical feedback of drawing to reduce their emotional intensity.

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From iTunes:
It is not just another Spiral painting toy. It is more!

This application is targeted for the people who want to:
- improve penmanship and make their handwriting accurate and nicer;
- exercise the hands and fingers motility (gross and fine motor skills);
- and learn how to draw spirals.


You can use different painting speed during training process.

Variety of spirals can be created by combining different colors, thickness and calligraphy effects of the pen, as well as by changing the wheels and their holes.

You'll be amazed with your achieved results!

- Universal App for both iPhone and iPad;
- User friendly interface;
- Retina support;
- Localization: EN/DE/RU;
- (optional) Export to a local photo album;
- (optional) Post to the Facebook wall.

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Cas'  kids love the fact that the pencil never needs sharpening in this app!

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