Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tickle Finger Under the Sea HD - Let's Read

We absolutely love when we find an app that is educational, entertaining and kids keep going back to again and again.  Tickle Finger Under the Sea is a colorful, interactive storybook about a little monkey going through the oceans. Kids can follow Tiny Tinga through his giggly ocean adventure and help tickle the "baddies" along the way.
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Tiny Tinga is a silly little monkey trying to find his way through the ocean searching for his missing submarine. Along the way, he and his little ocean buddies run into some "baddies" that get in their way. The user is prompted to tickle the "baddies" until the tickle bar at the top of the page runs out.

The story is super cute and informative. Tiny Tinga goes through the oceans and an abyss naming them, as well as having appropriate animals for each location.  Children will meet a killer whale, a giant squid, angler fish and more. If the user wants to learn more about the animals, the main menu has a "Fun Facts" button with easy to read, yet informative, facts about all the main sea creatures in the story.

Tapping on Tiny Tinga and his friends cause them to make little noises and dance around the page. Children love searching for the little hidden surprises on the pages. My son giggles so loud when he gets the penguin to pop out from behind the iceberg.

Parents are able to turn off the narration, so they can read the story to the child or encourage the child to start reading themselves. The story has an easy flow with a fun rhyming rhythm.

I noticed that my easily distracted son was drawn in and able to focus on the story.  He would sit and listen to the short rhyming sentences at the top of each page because then he could play with the animals before going to the next page.

This books is a great balance between learning and fun.

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