Thursday, October 17, 2013

Virtual Pets Part 1 - Want An Alien For A Pet?

Vicky Lamb reached out to us not too long ago about ideas for a virtual pet, so we had a discussion on the Facebook page about it.

Vicky wrote: I am a special needs teacher in South Africa, and would like to introduce a virtual pet to the class to help with social skills and empathy. Does anyone have any experience with this or any recommendations for a free virtual pet?

There was only one suggestion shared (shown below), but Vicky has since found something to use, and she has written about it for you.  You will find Vicky's information about having a virtual part in Part 2 that is coming soon.

Zimmiz by Big Foot Toys Pty Ltd

Debra suggested this iPhone app.  Lisa completed a featured app post on Smart Apps for Kids about Zimmiz that I wanted to share with you.

Zimmiz are a cheeky but lovable alien race that have landed on Earth and you can get up to all sorts of mischief with them.
They're very, very cute.

In-app purchase of $0.99 to Make Your Own Zimmi after your initial one or to make changes to original.
External links to developer's website.

If you would like to download Zimmiz (Free, iPhone/iPad 2x), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using our link:

Screenshot410You can feed Zimmi, hug him, and interact with him. He has a little birthmark that you touch to change his actions and mood. You can also tilt and shake the device to get him to do all sorts of tricks. I like when he blows raspberries. The Tot liked giving him gum then watching as a bubble burst on his little face. (She has a wicked sense of humor)

It now allows you to now Make Your Own Zimmi when you begin the game. There is an in-app purchase of $0.99 to change your Zimmi or make a new one.  Lots of fun to be had here and lots of choices, you can decide what color you want your Zimmi to be, the shape of their nose, their eyes. 

Demo Screenshot 07There's plenty to do in this app and many surprises. You don't need the plush to access all the features of the app but I suspect it would make the experience more entertaining and realistic for a child. And you could hug your Zimmi. Look at his little face.

Look out for the bird (and what it drops on the screen). And a word of advice, don't feed this little guy the chilli pepper.

Mzl.qpxljboz.320x480-75We had alot of fun and giggles playing with this app. He's definitely a little rogue, mischievous but entirely lovable, (which explains why he seemed so familiar) pet. 

You can also view the Plush Zimmiz here. (I have my eye on the snazzy pink one) Character__46896.1351564292.1280.1280

Heather S. was so taken back that her Zimmi blew a raspberry at her and threw up on her, that she just had to go take Lisa's post from Smart Apps for Kids and change a few things that are different with the current version.

Lisa thinks a Zimmiz makes a far better addition to the family than a guinea pig.

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