Friday, November 15, 2013

Advocacy 101: Ten Things Every Person With a Disability Should Hear (All The Time)!

There are certain things that most of us take for granted on a daily basis.  However, for many in the disability community, there are certain words and phrases that can lift someone to cloud nine.  "You're hired."  "Yes, we are accessible."  "You are beautiful."  These are just a few phrases that can come from potential employers to friends and family, and even complete strangers.  There are many more that can make someone's day or even change their life for the better. 
Taken as an excerpt from The Mobility Resource:

1) “You’re hired”
Roughly 10 percent of the labor force are people with disabilities. To all the people out there thinking we’re lazy, it’s only because employers don’t want to hire us. Being turned down because we’re disabled is a common practice by businesses and other places looking for talent across the country. It’s illegal, but it happens. Some places are awesome and do give us a chance, but this is not as frequent as it should be.

2) “Yes, we are accessible”
When hunting for accessible accommodations when traveling or even trying to make reservations at a restaurant in old part of town, hearing the phrase “Why yes we are accessible” is one of the sweetest thing to our ears. This can mean a lot of things to a lot of people with disabilities. Maybe it’s a ramp, an elevator, closed-captioning, grab bars, whatever constitutes accessibility to you, but hearing these worry-erasing words can be better than taking a Xanax, especially when you’re on the road.

3) “You’re beautiful”
Another phrase we love to hear that’s universal is, “You’re beautiful,” or for the guys, “You’re hot.” Feeling sexually attractive is a huge happy-maker on the brain. It can be hard enough feeling attractive if you’re able bodied, it’s even harder when you have a disability and don’t fit the social norm of what’s considered attractive. For many of us, to hear this phrase just once would be one of the greatest things ever.
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For a look at the entire list of Ten Things Every Person With a Disability Should Hear (All The Time), please continue by clicking the link.

Leslie has learned that carrying a smile on her face can actually make others feel good.  For too long, she has worn a BRF.  Find out what that is at her blog The Pioneer Mom.

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