Saturday, November 2, 2013

Emotions with Felix - App designed by SLPs

Emotions with Felix is a fun little app that is aimed to help children learn about different emotions. Children can watch as an event happens with Felix and see the resulting emotion, which is clearly identified audibly as well as on the screen. This app was designed by certified speech and language therapists. 

If you would like to purchase this app ($1.99, iPad/iPhone) and support Smart Apps for Special Needs in the process, please use the link below:



Many times emotions are hard to identify with just a single picture. Showing an event and how emotions result from events not only helps a child better understand the emotion, but also the cause and effect. Hugging your pet dog can help you feel calm, while not taking a nap can make you feel cranky.

Once children are familiar with the emotions, they can play the game where 4 cards are shown and the child is asked to find the baby expressing a specific emotion. If the right card is selected, then the child is shown the animation of the emotion. If the wrong card is selected, then the child is told what that card's emotion is and to please try again.

Emotions with Felix has the ability for children to record and play back what they say. It is not as seamless as the Talking Tom type apps, where the character "listens" as you talk and repeats back as soon as you are done. With Felix, the user must push the trumpet button in the top left corner to record, then press the triangle play button when finished to have what was said repeated back. My son mainly liked to poke the teddy bear on the screen to see it bounce off Felix's head. He could not quite get the hang of the record and playback feature.

From iTunes:

Follow Felix in a fun, interactive way to learn emotions. In the tradition of Talking Tom, Felix will listen and repeat back what you say and do various funny things as you touch various parts of the screen.

Laugh and awe your way through 10 different emotion animations and play a flashcard game to identify different emotions. 

This app was designed by certified speech and language therapists who know the importance of learning and being able to express emotions at an early age. Children are sure to thoroughly enjoy learning emotions with Felix!

Emotions animations included

Rachel H. had to explain to her son that he cannot hug his pet fish to help him feel calm. That it might make the fish too nervous.

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