Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Learning Patterns -- Help Kids Develop Critical Thinking and Pattern Recognition Skills

I remember making patterns out of little colored wood blocks when I was in Kindergarten. I thought it was something fun to do, but little did I realize how important being able to distinguish and create patterns can be in brain development. Learning Patterns -- Help Kids Develop Critical Thinking and Pattern Recognition Skills offers a fun and easy to use tool to help kids learn pattern recognition.

If you would like to download Learning Patterns -- Help Kids Develop Critical Thinking and Pattern Recognition Skills (FREE, iPad/iPhone), please use the link bellow to help support Smart Apps For Special Needs in the process:

In-App Purchases for additional patterns, $0.99 each or $1.99 for all
External Links to email support and to download similar apps

Learning Patterns seems pretty basic, at first.  The main screen offers the choice of 21 different patterns with varying difficulty levels. The first three are free. There are no splashy backdrops or crazy characters dancing across the screen. However, there is much more going on within this app.

The simple interface helps to not distract the child from their primary focus. The patterns are well thought out and increase in difficulty as the child improves. As the child advances, the location of the blank moves to within the pattern, not just the end. Plus, the number of choices increases.

A wrong answer causes the incorrect choice to disappear. There is no obnoxious sound for wrong answers. This is great for kids who will purposefully answer wrong if they think the "wrong-alarm" is funny or for kids that get overly frustrated with incorrect responses. If a child is stumped, the number of choices to select slowly decreases until only the correct answer is left.

Settings and access to browse more apps are parental locked (using a 3 finger tap to unlock). Parents can rate the app, email support or turn off the success sounds from the settings menu. Parents can also view a summary page showing how the child did once the child completes a set of 10 patterns.

This is a great app to introduce or help solidify pattern recognition. As an added bonus, the 3 free pattern choices also help with letter and number recognition used within the patterns. It is an app that knows what the goal is and does it well.

From iTunes:

Learning Patterns helps your child develop critical thinking and mental reasoning skills thus expanding a very important part of their mind. Plus, even adults will have fun playing with this app at the more advanced levels. :-)

Approved by parents, teachers, and kids the world over.

Learning Patterns is an exciting interactive game that helps you learn how to recognize and complete patterns all with just the touch of your finger. Pattern recognition and completion represents an important developmental skill for kids of all ages.

The interface is so easy to use that even a toddler will delight in moving their first objects around the page.

The app supports two modes to learning patterns.

In the first mode, you decide the type of objects you want to use to learn to recognize patterns such as numbers, letters, images, etc. Once you start, the app will start with the most basic patterns such as ABABAB and it automatically increases the difficulty based on the users skills. The difficulty increases in two ways. First, the patterns get increasingly difficulty. Second, the missing tile moves from the last place to the second place and later the last two tiles are missing.

The second mode allows you to zero in on specific patterns and lets students master that pattern with a huge variety of different images.

The patterns included in this app are:


IF there are other types of patterns you would like us to add please let us know and we can easily get them added.

In total, the app focuses on 8 unique patterns and includes 3 levels of difficulty for each pattern like this:

The app also comes with over 25 unique collections of items
to learn patterns. This way you can learn patterns by letters,
numbers, colors, shapes, dots, balloons, hats, fruits, vegetables,
animals, vehicles, etc.

The huge variety of patterns and collections means that there are
almost an infinite way of learning patterns which ensures to keep
kids excited and engaged vs. getting bored by always staring at
the same content.

Not only that, at the end of every session you automatically get a
beautiful summary to see exactly how your little one did.

Rachel H. wonders if there is an app to teach her daughter about clashing patterns on her clothes. Her 7 year old is known to mix zebra print pants with polka-dot shirts.

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