Monday, November 18, 2013

My Scene - create cute themed picture scenes

My Scene

Adorable app that provides backgrounds for kids to create the cutest themed picture scenes. The app allows you to decorate a scene with 15 different pictures.  The best part is the voice recording feature that allows you to record a sound/word/phrase for each picture.  This app gives you two picture scenes for free with an in-app purchase option of ten additional scenes for $2.99.  

If you'd like to download My Scene (FREE, iPad Only) please use this link to support Smart Apps for Kids.

External links to other apps by the developer.  In-app purchases to buy 10 additional scenes for $2.99.  2 picture scenes are free.

As an SLP, I’m always looking for apps that can target all the goals of my diverse caseload, and this app does the job!  I use My Scene for articulation, language and even social skills.  The free version offers two backgrounds (house with yard and park/playground). Little ones can choose from 15 pictures at the bottom of the scene and place them anywhere.  This is a great way to work on following directions and those tricky spatial concepts like next to and under.

Every speech therapist loves a good theme and this app provides 12 different themed backgrounds with items that fit within the scene (great for categorization work).  Themes available in the full version include: ocean, circus, farm, dinosaurs, space and more.

My favorite aspect of this app is the voice recording feature.  I like to record words or phrases myself for my students to imitate, which provides a fun way for them to practice their target sounds in a structured task with a direct model.  You can have the child record labels or descriptions or record your own wh-questions for an interactive question and answer game. You can also work on general vocabulary skills.  Kids rarely get bored with this app, because you can use it in so many different ways.

This app developer also has great customer service.  After the recent iOS 7 update, the recording feature stopped working.  I emailed, and I had a response within the hour.  They were aware of the problem and had an update ready within a few days.  They even sent me a follow up e-mail.

In a perfect world, this app would allow you to customize by adding your own pictures.  It would also be nice if you could adjust the size of the pictures when you add them to the background.  Alas, those feature aren't available, but it's still a superb app and tons of fun!


Sarah is finding out that she isn't nearly as tech savvy as she always believed, but she has high hopes for the future!

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