Sunday, November 3, 2013

MyArtic goes FREE, save $35!

MyArtic is for speech-language pathologists, and parents who help their children with speech sounds at home. It's been a paid app for $34.99, but as of yesterday, it went FREE!

It's a pretty comprehensive articulation app, allowing for BOTH screening and use in therapy! There are pictures, rating scales, and even phrases. SLPs really have to download it just to see all of the features. Because you know what every good SLP says—you can never have too many articulation apps!

To support Smart Apps with Kids and work on speech sound production all at the same time, please use our download link:

App-Warning-Buttons-NO-ADS-(100x100) App-Warning-Buttons-NO-ADS-(100x100) App-Warning-Buttons-NO-ADS-(100x100)What's FREE: 5 sessions with full functionality
What's NOT Free: Any session after 5 has to be purchased through in-app purchases.

This app isn't perfect—some of the images aren't as high quality as I'd like, and it's still not totally free. The app can be used for free for FIVE sessions. Unfortunately, this is SESSIONS, not clients.

Then, the user can add additional sessions through in-app purchases: 5 sessions is $4.99, 10 sessions is $5.99, and the real deal is 20 sessions for $10.99. A typical SLP using the app would quickly find other artic apps to be a better deal--one client often has 2-3 sessions per WEEK.

But, it still has some good value, allowing the SLP to rate the production as well as mark each sound in a word as distorted, deleted, or substituted. It might be perfect to use just as a screener, or to use, then delete, then use again when the need arises.

Regardless, we thank Veronika at The Appy Ladies for bringing this app to our attention! It's definitely worth trying out for FREE!

From iTunes:
MyArtic has two major functionalities: Screening and Therapy Delivery. Grounded in research supported by the National Library of Medicine Foundation, MyArtic’s on-going development is supported by a team of linguists, speech research scientists and speech language pathologists.

Artic1The platform provides five initial sessions and supports in-app purchases for additional sessions.

MyArtic can be easily customized by adding any number of clients from your workload. 

Client therapy session allows a SLP or a parent to provide therapy in three modes of operation: 
1) SLP guided therapy- allows the session leader to a make subjective rating of the pronunciation of the word and to mark the error and type of error in the phonemes. 
2) Self-guided therapy allows a student to practice a word and the Biofeedback algorithms will objectively score the pronunciation. 
3) Sentence mode allows the user to record longer phrases and sentences and rate his or her own pronunciation when they play them back. For each word or phrase, MyArtic displays an illustration and provides a reference pronunciation to help the student, record and play back functionality is also available in every mode. 
The session results are saved and can be easily emailed. 

ArticScreening allows an SLP to provide an articulation and language screening to determine if a complete screening is warranted. The screening is in two parts: Articulation and Identification and repetition. For articulation the student is asked to identify picture and for repetition, they are asked to repeat a sentence. The examiner marks each response for correctness and indicates mistakes if appropriate. 

MyArtic Features: 
+ Record and playback contents of sessions and screenings. 
+ Speech-Language Pathologist guided therapy with phoneme marking.
+ Self-guided word practice with automated pronunciation scoring.
+ Self-guided sentence practice with self-scoring. 
+ Screening for potential Articulation and Language problems.
+ Word database allows selection of words based on phoneme and position.
+ Track progress. 
+ Email session results.
+ Detailed help pages explain application and provide a troubleshooting guide. 

We encourage all those working in this field to contact us. We would appreciate feedback from SLPs, Speech Therapists, Parents, and Users on how we can improve the technology and make it more user-friendly. 

If you experience any problem with MyArtic, please consult the troubleshooting page in the app. After taking the aforementioned precautions, remedies, if the problem persists then feel free to email the team at We will work expeditiously to rectify the problem.


Heather H. wishes she could get kids using correct speech sounds in just 5 sessions!

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