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NO! We will NOT find Apps for Defiance! Or will we...?

Over on our Facebook Fan page, we hold a regular discussion time, where you can ask all our fans for advice. If you have a question to ask, please head over to our Facebook page where you can easily enter your question for discussion by using the Questions tab. Melissa wrote:

I have an 11 year old verbal daughter that is on the autism spectrum. Some of our biggest struggles are her behaviors, accepting no and defiance. I am hoping you are able to suggest some apps to help with this ..I'm only finding apps to track behavior. Thank you in advance! 

General comments/suggestions:

Suzie commented: Mmm yes please! I would luv to know too!”

Stephanie agreed: “Me to.”

Denise said: “I have a 7 yr old that I have the same problem with.”

Louise added: “Here too any ideas be great thank you”

Cas said: “Melissa, I'm wondering if there might be some Applied Behaviour Analysis training in your area you might be able to take advantage of? Through an autism association or the like? Maybe try somewhere like here:

Melissa replied: Thank you very much for the info ....she gets ABA everyday through CHATT . We were fortunate enough to receive an iPad an my daughter loves it so I was just hoping there were apps for some of our biggest struggles. I really appreciate the time everyone is/has taken to answer.”

App suggestions:

** Please note: Some of these apps have in-app purchases, but they can easily be disabled in the settings of your device. There are also ads and social network links in some of these apps. Only the app's developer can control when an app is free or not. All apps that we post as free are verified to be free at the time of this post. We make no guarantees otherwise.**

First & Then by Alisha Forrest

Amanda thought: “A visual schedule may help? Like the 'First & Then' app.”
From iTunes:
"Designed by an Occupational Therapist.

First & Then is a very simple app that uses a board with photos to show that one activity must happen before the next can occur. A fantastic tool for visual learners!

The idea behind a First & Then board is to encourage a child to complete an activity that they don’t particularly enjoy. The board motivates the child to engage in a less preferred activity, knowing that a preferred activity (or a reward) will follow. For example, the ‘first’ activity may be something such as handwriting, homework, eating vegetables, using the toilet or visiting the dentist. The ‘then’ activity may be playing outside, computer time or a chocolate treat.

The App is extremely simple to use, the board is set up from one page, with clear prompts to help along the way.

The app allows the user to quickly and simply insert photos from the device’s camera or photo library, meaning that ‘First & Then’ boards can be made on-the-go and with little fuss. Photos taken are saved within the App to use again and again.

The app includes a coloured visual timer, that the user can choose to use, to show the child how long they need to spend on an activity. As well as a digital display, the time is also represented by a coloured pie chart. When the pie is green, the child needs to keep going. When the pie turns amber, the child needs to get ready to finish. The pie turns red when it is time to stop the activity.

The app also includes a ‘Finished box’. The child can drag the photo into this box when the activity is completed.

The App is complete with the option to use exciting tones to reward the child for completing the activity."

If you would like to purchase this app, please support Smart Apps For Special Needs by clicking this button:
($1.99, iPhone/iPad)


The Social Express by The Language Express, Inc.

Shari suggested: “'The Social Express' has an app targeting how to respond in different social situations. While the full version is quite pricey, they have a lite version you can demo the first 2 lessons. You pick an emotion and then a strategy for dealing with that emotion and then it shows a video of how the character copes with frustration/anger in a positive way. My 4-yr old really responded to it. Now all I have to do is reference the video and he can come up with some strategies such as taking deep breaths rather than growing a fit.”

From iTunes:
The Social Express™ is engaging, educational software for children and young adults with social learning challenges. The software is designed to teach users how to think about and manage social situations, helping them to develop meaningful social relationships and succeed in life.

Some of the core concepts presented are based on the work of Michelle Garcia Winner and her Social Thinking® curriculum. More information can be found on the Social Thinking® website, Users are encouraged to learn more about Michelle's work to gain the full benefit from the program.

The Social Express is based on best practices and programs that feature cognitive behavioral techniques and visual strategies including Social Stories (Gray, 2002), Comic Strip Conversations (Gray ,1994), the Alert Program (Williams & Shellenberger, 1996), The Incredible 5 Point Scale (Buron & Curtis, 2003), The Hidden Curriculum (Myles, Trautman and Schelvan, 2004), Thinking about YOU Thinking about ME (Winner, 2007) and other professionals working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. 

The activities presented in the software adhere to California State Board of Education Content Standards and the Common Core Standards.

How Does it Work?
Fully-animated interactive lessons and high-quality printables target many of the skills children and young adults need to learn in order to successfully navigate our social world.

Who Can it Help?
Our innovative software targets core social deficit areas that stand in the way of school, social, and life success for children and young adults with social learning challenges such as autism, Asperger's and ADHD.

Play Lessons
The Social Express comes with 16 interactive lessons featuring 30 scenes that are divided into two skill levels. Skill Level 1 targets younger users and/or those who have more difficulty understanding social situations. Skill Level 2 targets users who are aware of social rules but have difficulty using them in real-world settings. Each skill level ends with an interactive review of the Hidden Social Keys that have been learned during the preceding lessons, followed by a congratulatory presentation of a key that unlocks the Clubhouse.

How Will Children with Social Learning Challenges Benefit?
As a safe, controlled, and familiar learning environment, The Social Express provides an opportunity for users to become more socially competent and have successful social interactions.

If you would like to purchase this app, please support Smart Apps For Special Needs by clicking the following buttons:

SALE! This will run till January 31st, 2014.
($19.99 sale price, $89.99 normally, iPad only)

Home version - while free to download this version requires a paid subscription
(Free, iPad only)

Melissa replied: Thanks Shari. I have heard of the social express app but was afraid to purchase it and it not work ...we have the social detective program and she doesn't like it. So I was afraid they would be similar. I wasn't aware of the lite version however so I will be sure to try that out. Thank you so much!!”
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