Saturday, November 9, 2013

Our Seizure Story

This is a video about our family and our experience with seizures. November is Epilepsy Awareness month. By spreading awareness, we are spreading hope. 

Little Miss M has seizures; it's part of our her diagnostic picture and something we've learned to deal with. It has certainly altered our path in life and inspired us to become passionate advocates for our daughter and for epilepsy awareness. November is Epilepsy Awareness Month. We have chosen to share our daughter's story with whoever will listen, in hopes that by raising awareness, we also raise the level of importance for finding a cure for all those who battle seizures as part of their daily lives. This video was made almost two years ago, when I was about eight months pregnant with Baby-Z. We hope that by providing a glimpse into our lives, we can help somebody somewhere, even if it's just to know you are not alone.


Amanda firmly believes that awareness equals hope and with hope anything is possible.

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