Sunday, November 10, 2013

SoundWorld+ - Experience nature sounds without traveling

I could sit and listen to the sound of the ocean for hours -- except that I live in the middle of Texas, so that's not really an option for me.  SoundWorld+ offers children the opportunity to not just listen to a vast library of sounds, but it shows stunning pictures to accompany each sound. So no matter where you live, you can see and hear the ocean, various animals and even musical instruments.

If you would like to download SoundWorld+ ($0.99, iPad/iPhone), please use the link below to help support Smart Apps for Kids:



SoundWorld+ is an easy to use app with real sounds and pictures. Though the home page shows cartoon icons, when selected, a stunning picture is displayed with a real world sound recording. With over 260 sounds broken into categories, children have the ability to easily hear and view a multitude of sounds with a corresponding picture.

There is no dialog or written words associated with each sound. This offers the opportunity for the parent or therapist to encourage the child to offer the name of the sound. Children can be prompted with conversation starters, such as "what makes that noise," or "when would you hear that."

Each picture on the home screen cycles through multiple pictures and variations of the sound each time it is selected. The first time a child selects the dog icon, a stunning picture of a Collie may show up, while the next time it is a Doberman with a different bark.

Children will love exploring the sounds and pictures in the SoundWorld+ app. Parents will love the variety and realism of the sounds and pictures.

From iTunes:

An application with a symbolic name SoundWorld is a real journey for kids to the world of amazing sounds and colorful photos. Your kid with easily cope with this toy all by himself but you can always join him.

There are more than 260 sounds in the application SoundWorld. They are divided into categories: animals, birds, transport, musical instruments, insects, electric tools etc. Besides there is a play of the waves, a thunderstorm and noise of lively urban streets. Press any picture, look and listen to what is hidden behind it.

There is a surprise under each picture. Pressing one and the same picture several times in a row he will see new photos with a new sound. He can also shake the phone. In this case a random image with a sound from a really unexpected category will be opened.

Your child will be surprised and he will definitely want to continue exploring of the outside world. So the toy will help to develop his curiosity, hearing, attention and memory. When a child gets to know most of the sounds you can play interesting games together, for example, “Guess who is making this noise” or “Describe an object which makes such a sound” and many other.

And the main thing you should remember: don’t fall for. If you suddenly hear a tap on the door, do not hurry to open it. It’s most likely that your kid found a new sound in his application SoundWorld.

Rachel H. kept confusing her dog when exploring this app. Apparently the barking dogs and ringing door bell were a little too realistic.

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