Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Big Bang Firework Sensory Dilemma

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Smart Apps for Special Needs wrote: Many of us in the U.S.A. are enjoying fireworks this evening. How do you meet the needs of those you love with sensory issues during Fireworks shows?

Zoe said: We don't do fireworks too loud. We watch safely from our TV where I can control the volume.

Debbie mentioned:  I take headphones. I also talk and comfort him while we watch the fireworks.

Angela suggested:  Talk about it all prior to the show and take headphones for him. It's more the noise than anything.

DeAnn commented:  My grandson is wearing hunter orange earplugs, which he says are "beautiful!"

Janice explained:  Hugs are usually enough for my son or a squeeze of the hand to remind him that I'm right there. He isn't bothered a lot by fireworks, but he did jump (startle) once last night when a one of the fireworks was louder than the others. He was actually watching at the fireworks (progress--he wasn't oblivious) but wanted to go home, and since we had done what we came for (which was to have him participate in a demonstration and not to watch the fireworks), I didn't make him stay. (Big bonus, we got out early and missed the exit crowd and didn't spend hours in traffic like we did last year.) When he was little, I would put my hands over his ears when anticipating a loud sound. Although he had major sensory issues when he was young, noise wasn't a major issue for him.

Lisa said:  We started out with ear plugs but as my son has gotten old enough to help more, he gets to pick some he wants and helps light them when daddy he does amazing. Even on the ones he doesn't light he doesn't have issues now that he has even some amount of control of them.

Dori mentioned:  We cuddled and I held him, explaining at each bang what it was. By the end of the evening he was actually giggling a little.


When Chatterbox and Giggles came to live with us, we noticed that Chatterbox was highly sensitive to noise.  We had a tradition that we attend the fireworks at the local golf club each year for New Years Eve.  The fireworks are brilliant, and you can get so close to the display that you can lie down and watch the fireworks explode over your head.  We wanted to continue this tradition so we started planning early. 

We started by showing Chatterbox videos online of fireworks.  We encouraged her playing with Firework apps (a few outlined below).  We even got those streamer poppers you can get – the ones where you pull a string; it pops loudly and streamers come flying out – and randomly popped them around the house to get her used to unexpected bangs.  That probably sounds a bit mean but she loved the streamers and even graduated to popping them herself!  We talked, a LOT, about how noisy fireworks were, but how pretty they are and how much fun it is to watch them.  On the night, we took along ear defenders.  She sailed through them (on hubby’s lap) and loved them!  On the other hand, Giggles needed the ear defenders and wanted to go home after the first few bangs!! 


Real Fireworks Artwork 4-in-1 HD 2012 Free by Innovatty, LLC
From iTunes: 
"From the creators of Geometrica Visualizer comes Real Fireworks Artwork 4-in-1 free app; The most realistic fireworks app designed mainly for iPad, taking advantage of its graphics capabilities to create a spectacular and mesmerizing fireworks show like never seen before. The app is also an interactive visualizer that responds smoothly and beautifully to swipe gesture. Moreover, the app allows for screenshot capture giving users the ability to create stunning and cool wallpapers. Last and not least, the app is an amazing drawing pad that allows for creating awesome artwork with different colors and glow. The whole family will enjoy it." 

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iLoveFireworks Lite
From iTunes:
With iLoveFireworks Lite, you can create beautiful fireworks display by easy tap operation! Touch on the screen, you immediately see breath taking fireworks in 3D graphics and real sounds.
Even 2 years old kids can enjoy iLoveFireworks!

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Odd Socks Mummy loves fireworks and is so happy her little girl loves them too!  
Odd Socks Mummy blogs at Giggles and Chatterboxing.

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