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Tick Tock Clock: Learn How to Tell Time

Tick-tock goes the clock. Do you have a child trying to learn how to read time? Tick Tock Clock -- Learn How to Tell Time Using Digital and Analog Clock with Roman and Arabic Numerals offers fun little games and quizzes to help read time. The settings and customization allow parents and teachers to adjust the app to be appropriate for various age and skill levels.

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Tick Tock Clock is a fun and useful app to help children learn how to tell time.  There are three different modes -- Learn, Practice and Word Problems.  Each mode uses both analog (hands on a round clock) and digital (HH:MM) formats.

The Learn mode allows children to manipulate hours and minutes to see the corresponding time on the analog clock face. *Note: At the time of this review, the Learn section was not working properly. The numbers were not easily visible, making that mode difficult to use.

Practice mode is a quiz like game where an analog clock is shown and the child must select the matching digital clock. Correct answers lead to celebratory balloons that the child can tap to pop, releasing a cute little dinosaur. Wrong answers result in showing the correct response and nothing else. Since on some apps my kids like to push the wrong answer to hear the silly buzz, I appreciate the minimal feedback for getting it wrong.

It would be nice to be able to view the results of practice sessions to see how the child is progressing and where their strengths and struggles lie. However, this is offered in the Word Problems section.

For the Word Problems, the child is shown and read a total of 10 questions and given 3 possible answers. Through the settings screen, parents can customize the content and difficulty of the problems.  At the end, the results are shown, including correct/wrong answers, total time it took to complete and then the list of what questions the child answered correctly and incorrectly.

In the settings menu, adults can customize the clocks to focus on appropriate skills for the child. Many schools slowly introduce the concept of telling time to students.  First, teachers focus on teaching hour and 30 minute increments, gradually adding 15 minute, then five and one minute as the students' mastery improves. This app allows parents to match the current level of the child.

This app, though cute and simple to use, offers a wide range of adaptability. This is not an app that is mastered in one or two weeks and then deleted. Children from 3-8 years old would be able to learn and be appropriately challenged through this app.

From iTunes:

Tick Tock Clock helps children as young as three learn how to tell time using analog or digital clock. 
* World Problems test mode includes an option to choose level of difficulty or have it adapted automatically to your child’s level
* ARABIC, ROMAN or NO numeral display on analog clock
* Minute Hand step option by 1, 5, 15, 30 minutes or round hour 
* Child-proof settings button (press and hold) 
* Word problems test score history
* Narration 
* entertains and educates
* offers easy-to-use child-friendly interface 
* embodies knowledge and experience of a linguist, educator and parent of three 
* represents craftsmanship of a mathematician, practitioner and parent of three 

The underlying teaching principle for this application is to help children connect the concepts of digital and mechanical clocks. A child manipulates either the mechanical/analog or the digital clock using simple gestures and observes the effect on the other clock. The on-demand narration allows even the children with rudimentary understanding of numbers to purposefully use Tick Tock Clock. The subtle audio and visual ornaments entertain the child and provide for more appealing and engaging learning environment without obscuring the core education value of the application. 


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