Monday, November 4, 2013

Touch and Learn Emotions

Touch and Learn Emotions is an app focused on helping children learn what different emotions look like, using different pictures. Over 100 real life pictures are associated with various emotions, sometimes multiple emotions per picture. This app is highly customizable including the ability to add your own pictures.

If you would like to download Touch and Learn Emotions (FREE, iPad/iPhone) and support Smart Apps for Special Needs at the same time, please use the link below:


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There are many flashcard type apps available to help children recognize emotions. Touch and Learn Emotions stands out for multiple reasons. The pictures of real people help show actual facial expressions verses cartoon versions. Also, the various customization aspects help expand the app to best fit each child's needs.

With Touch and Learn, four pictures are displayed and the user is prompted to select the picture that best represents the emotion. Many of the pictures are similar, and it may be difficult to choose the correct face for the emotion. This may be slightly frustrating at times for children, but it also shows the complexity of emotions.

The customization aspects are above and beyond for a free app. Users can create new pictures, new groupings, turn on and off certain concepts, and even add new praises for successful answers. The settings are very straight forward, making customization quick and easy. This app is great as is, but the ability for a caregiver to adjust so many aspects so easily to fit the specific needs of the child using it, makes it invaluable.

If you have a child working to learn the complexity of emotions, this app is a great tool. Emotions are complex, but this app offers a simple and fun way to better understand them.

From iTunes:

Endorsed by tens of thousands of satisfied parents, teachers, and kids the world over. 

Touch and Learn is a powerful new gaming platform that allows you to introduce new concepts in a fun and exciting new way. This app focused on helping kids read body language and understand emotions by looking at gorgeous pictures and figuring out which person is expressing a given emotion.


✔ The app is super easy to customize so you and adjust everything to your liking
✔ You can turn individual concepts ON or OFF and introduce one new emotion at a time
✔ The app is super easy to use for kids of all ages and all abilities
✔ You can add new concepts (emotions, actions, etc.) in one click


✔ 100+ gorgeous photos keep kids engaged and wanting more
✔ The app if fun, simple, and easy to use
✔ Kids love hearing everything in mommy's or daddy's voice 
✔ Wrong answers do not interfere with gameplay

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