Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Turning Large Piles Of Leaves Into Therapy

There are so many wonderful things about Autumn -- pumpkin spiced coffees, cooling temperatures, watching the leaves change colors. Although I hate raking the leaves after they fall off the trees, my kids are drawn to the big piles like there is a magnet pulling them in. Who would have thought you can use that love towards some gross motor skills therapy?

The ingenious people at Pediastaff and Inspired Tree House have some great ideas on how to incorporate an abundance of fallen leaves into some fun therapy for your children.  No leaves? They suggest using pine needles, sand, grass clippings, hay, etc.

Whether it is in your back yard or at the park, grab an extra pair of big boots or shoes and give this a try.

Rachel H. generally passes on the pumpkin spice coffee, but she could eat a whole loaf of pumpkin bread when her family isn't looking.

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