Saturday, November 2, 2013

What Can You Do? - opportunity and employment for people with disabilities

There is a huge problem in today's society regarding employment and opportunity for those with disabilities.  Such employees are often underpaid and underutilized, if they actually do find employment.  Other times, they are simply excluded from the daily responsibilities that many of us take for granted.  

Responsibility is a natural and healthy part of human development.  Many children grow up never expected to contribute to their home or to their community.  It is never too early to begin teaching our children the value of high expectations and hard work, including the goal of growing up to become working adults. 

Here is a quick PSA showing why being a positive mentor (coach, employer, teacher) is so very important.

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Look for a future Advocacy 101 post that will cover disability employment options.

Now that November is here, Leslie finally gets to drink her favorite winter beverage: the fantastically delicious Egg Nog Chai!!

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