Thursday, December 19, 2013

14 Great gifts for teachers, therapists, etc - ON A BUDGET!

When I sat down to write out my "who to buy for" list this season, the numbers were astounding. Then, I worked out some sort of a budget and the numbers didn't add up at all. It was slightly depressing and intimidating all at the same time. I stepped away from the commercialism that surrounds this holiday season, and I remembered it's not the amount of money you spend on a gift, but the thought that goes into them. I did spend a little money on Little Miss M's primary care doctor and her lead clinician -- but only about $15- $20 each -- and very personalized gifts. However, when I looked at the list  of teachers, therapists, and other professionals that impact my three girls, the number hovered close to 20 gifts. Even at $5 a person, that was still close to $100 more in my budget, and I just couldn't do that. I had to imagine that others felt the same way, so I posted the question on our Facebook Fanpage. I have provided the answers below, and I added some of my own.

Here's the list I came up with:

1. The Lottery Ticket

I attached a note or a Christmas card to a $1 scratch ticket that said: Thank you for taking a chance on my girls every day!

2. Seed Paper Ornaments

From Jennifer: Make seed paper and cut it in holiday shapes or create ornaments and include a note that says: Thank you for helping me grow! see how to make seed paper here

3. Pocket Hand Sanitizers

Also from Jennifer: Pocket Hand Sanitizers and add a personal note. Maybe your note could say: To keep you healthy and happy this holiday season!

. The Gift Card

Gift cards for coffee or books or anything focused on the teacher make great gifts. I always appreciated even a $5 card for coffee.

5. The Heartfelt Note

From Heather: A hand-written note from the parents about what you think of the teacher or therapist (nice things!) and how they've impacted your child, is a wonderful gift. Perhaps you can include a picture of your child or family or a drawing they have made to further personalize the gesture.

6. The Charitable Donation

We did this this year. Little Miss M was collecting toys for the local Children's Hospital, so we wrote all of our teachers and therapists a note saying we made a donation in their honor to her collection. We included a bag of homemade cookies and wrote the note on the back of our family Christmas Card with a simple homemade ornament.

7. The Homemade Ornament

I chose simple foam Christmas Trees from Target, along with foam stickers. The pack of 20 trees was originally $5 and the Box of stickers the same, but a Cartwheel coupon cut the prices in half. I had the girls decorate each tree, and then I punched a hole through the top  and tied a ribbon to make an ornament. 

8. The Sharpie Mug

From Sherri: The Sharpie Mugs that are all over Pinterest. You personalize a ceramic mug using Sharpies and bake them to make it super permanent. Directions to make a Sharpie Mug.

9. A Flower

From Rachel: A flower with a personal note that says: 
Thank you for all the ways you help my son to bloom.

10. The Reusable Tote

I ordered a back of 10 eco-friendly canvas reusable totes from Amazon for $12.50 and gave the girls fabric markers and crayons to create personalized shopping bags. 

11. The Candy Cane Sleigh

From Aunty Dale: A candy cane and chocolate sleigh. Directions Here

12. The Ready to Use Scrapbook

Also From Aunty Dale: An 8x8 Scrapbook with Christmas themed (or wedding for the teacher who is getting married or personalized for the person) all ready put in and stickers they can add. This is a great gift that allows the receiver to just add pictures.

13. Laminated Artwork

From Debra; Take pieces of artwork and use the lamination pouches and adhesive magnets to make unique and special keepsakes. 

14. Cinnamon Ornaments

From Gerene: Cinnamon Ornaments Directions Here

Do you have more great gifts to add? Please put them in the comments and we will add them to the list!


Amanda wants everyone to know they are appreciated, but is trying to find creative and frugal ways to do so!

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