Monday, December 30, 2013

All Star Spencer Opening Christmas Presents

Amelia shared a wonderful video with us of her son, Spencer, that I just had to share. We must celebrate all the accomplishments of our All Stars because the ones that may look small to others are very big accomplishments for some. The excitement that Spencer shows in this video proves to me that he is understood by those around him, and he is provided with exactly what he needs and wants. He is absolutely adorable!

Amelia shared: My little one has PDD-NOS, Speech delayed, SPD - he's a seeker mostly, but some materials bug him. He does not like the feel of his underwear, but he loves his diapers. I caught his reaction opening a diaper - I did not expect this. In all those crazy, struggling moments, it feels really good to see this.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful reaction with us, Amelia.

What has your All Star been up to recently?  What are you proud of them for?  We would like to hear about it.  Please submit your All Star story by clicking HERE.

Heather S. wishes everyone enjoyed the small things in life, like receiving underwear for Christmas, as much as Spencer does. 

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