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ArtikPix -- Speech and articulation app


Purpose of App: Allow children to practice speech and articulation with flashcards.

Strengths: Allows adult to record and track progress of multiple children. Can record and share notes. Offers instructions as well as video tutorials.

Weaknesses: Only offers 4 decks, in-app purchases available for additional flashcard packs. Could benefit from slightly more customization.

Suggested Audience: Speech Therapists or parents working with a child with speech delay.

Star Rating Breakdown
Meets Intended Goal: 5
Entertainment: 5
Worth the Price: 4
Ease of Use: 5
Educational Value: 5
Level of Customization: 4

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(Free Version)    ($29.99 Full Version)

In app purchases on free version for 20 additional decks. $1.99 each or all packs for $29.99
External Links to view additional apps by developer, access email, and links to youTube for video tutorials

ArtikPix is a fairly impressive app for practicing and evaluating speech articulation. Flashcards are divided into decks of specific sound groups. With the ability to score, record voice/video, and write notes throughout the session, it could be a great tool for both parents and speech therapists.

I only tested out the free version, which includes 4 different sound groups: th, h, w, and y. There is an option to purchase individual decks for $1.99 each, groups of decks (including 5 to 7 sound groups), or for all remaining 20 decks. This approach allows parents to only purchase decks beneficial to their child while allowing therapists to purchase all decks at a discount -- compared to buying each deck separately. I appreciate this flexibility and chance to test out the functionality of the app as well as only purchase specific decks.  However, for the amount of words available in each additional deck $1.99 seems a little high. Charging $0.99 seems a little more reasonable.

One major strength is there are many options for customization. Multiple decks can be combined in a single session. Once a sound deck is selected, the user can choose to practice with the sound in the beginning, middle or end of the words, or any combination of those choices. There is also the option to practice the words within a sentence.

I would have rated the customization higher if there was an option to select which cards are used within a deck. It would be nice if there were an option to "review most missed cards" or a checklist of cards the user could select from to further personalize the deck per child. The free version does not give the option to create your own sound decks or add cards. However, this option is available in the full price version of the app.

Scores are saved by sound position for each child. Scoring is simple. Whether a user is working with one child or multiple children, simply add their profile and click on the picture of the child who is speaking. Once their picture is selected, click the smile to tally a correct pronunciation or the frown for incorrect. The child can practice the same word multiple times. The running total is displayed at the bottom of the screen. For example: 2/4 = 50% will be displayed if the child pronounced that word correctly in 2 out of 4 attempts.

Not only can the user take notes for students throughout the app, but they can share them with other applications. Notes can be e-mailed, added to Google spreadsheet, or added to clipboard. This way, data collected can be stored and processed in other tools.

You can also do group scoring where up to 4 students can be listed and scored during the same session. The results are sorted by child at the end.

I was a little disappointed in the choice of the videos. There were three listed which covered the full version. Once I went to ArtikPix YouTube channel, I was able to find a tutorial which walked through the free version (linked below) and did a great job of displaying the features and use of the app. I wish this was listed instead of two of the three videos being for versions of ArtikPix I was not using. The videos themselves are top notch and very informative. I just feel they missed the mark on which ones they chose to link within this app.

Here is the video I felt was best to introduce the basic use and concepts of the app. 

There is also a memory matching game with the same words and pictures available as in the flashcard decks. This is a great way to introduce a little bit of fun into a therapy session. The user can still tally correct and incorrect responses or just let the child play.

This is a great app and the free version allows users to test it out and see if it will work for their purposes before making a financial investment.

From iTunes:

ArtikPix has several new features including video recording and underlining the target words at the sentence level!!!

ArtikPix is an engaging articulation app with flashcard and matching activities for children with speech sound delays. Among the many features in ArtikPIx, group scoring is available for collecting scores in flashcards on up to 4 children at a time. A group of students can collect data as they practice sounds in words and sentences.

Utilizing fun and modern graphics, ArtikPix is a free application offering "th, w, y, and h" decks with 20 additional decks available as In App Purchases: f, v, ch, sh, k, g, s, z, l, r, s-blends, r-blends, l-blends, p, b, m, n, t, d, j. ArtikPix has a total possible 24 decks with 40 cards each (113 cards in r deck, 1,033 total cards). The decks can be combined, selected for sound group (e.g., beginning th, er), then practiced in full-featured flashcard and matching activities. Features include recorded audio, voice recording, and scoring (aka data collection). 

In the flashcard activity, the sound groups are ordered and configured for shuffling to individualize practice for children using the words alone and in sentences. The flashcards are then practiced in an easy-to-use flick album. In the matching activity, the words are randomized in easy (3 pairs), medium (6 pairs), and hard (10 pairs) levels. The matching activity is a fun way for children to practice their speech sounds while data is still collected.

The flashcard and matching activities include the following features:
• Group scoring in flashcards to collect data on up to 4 students at a time
• Combine card decks and specify ordering
• Choose sounds groups (e.g., beginning th, er) to practice
• Color coded cards
• Auto-play of audio recordings
• Tap-to-play audio
• Record your voice and play the recording (external mic/earphones with mic needed for
iPod touch prior to 4th generation)
• Collect data by tallying for specified sound groups (e.g., beginning th, er)
• Tallied data is automatically converted to percentage based data
• Undo tallying mistakes by tapping the numbers at the bottom of flashcards or matching
• Save data in the app organized by student names and timestamps
• Copy data to clipboard, email, and Google Spreadsheet
• Configurable options for app sounds (e.g., audio recordings) and visuals (e.g., hide
matched cards, unmatched card delay)

Rachel H. was in speech therapy for over 5 years as a child because she pronounced "r" as "w." She found this especially difficult since her name starts with an "r."

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