Thursday, December 5, 2013

Auditory Processing Disorder

Discussion Topic: Information on Auditory Processing Disorder

Top Recommendations: Sensory Processing Disorder Australia, American Academy of Audiology, American Speech and Hearing Association.

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Matt and Leanne wrote: Hi. I'm studying educational support and doing a research assessment and the disability I have chosen is Auditory Processing Disorder. Just wondering if anyone here knows some really good websites to get information from or anywhere else I could get info on it. I live in Australia. Thanks.

Wendy recommended: Sensory Processing Disorder Australia

Julie suggested: “Google hemisync “

Angel said: “FB has a support group with audiologists who have along with parents given a lot of great info. You have to ask for permission to join .... Just search Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)”

Liberty commented:
Cindy said: “Try the American Academy of Audiology website.”

Candida suggested: “Maybe try your local school - learning support teacher/ ask if you can observe some students with it- there are plenty out there.”

Karin recommended: “Anything written by Carol Flexer is excellent. She is THE expert.”

Joan commented: “Try ASHA website. That's for the American Speech and Hearing Association.”

Amy said: I really like this video:

Matt and Leeanne replied: “Thank you for all suggestions looking in to all of them”

Chatterbox has Auditory Processing Disorder in her long list of conditions.  I think that it is one of the hardest for people to understand.  The way I explain it is that she hears okay, but it just takes her a while to work out what was said.  Sometimes she is unable to work it out and gets stuck in her own interpretation.  This is especially hard when Giggles says something and Chatterbox hears something else = lots of arguments in our house!!

SPD Australia offers this explanation:  "Children with APD often do not recognize subtle differences between sounds in words, even though the sounds themselves are loud and clear. For example, the request “Tell me how a chair and a couch are alike” may sound to a child with APD like “Tell me how a couch and a chair are alike.” It can even be understood by the child as “Tell me how a cow and a hair are alike.” These kinds of problems are more likely to occur when a person with APD is in a noisy environment or when he or she is listening to complex information."

When I get a migraine I think that it feels a little like how Chatterbox processes things.  It takes so much more effort to work out what people are saying to me and even to just be able to tune into a conversation.

If you aren't aware of Auditory Processing Disorder, please take the time to have a look at the links provided above - the more people who understand, the easier it will be for kids like Chatterbox.

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