Sunday, December 22, 2013

Good Free App of the Day: My Little Suitcase by Moms With Apps

My Little Suitcase by Moms With Apps
Holidays are a time of traveling.  You might be headed just down the road or across the country, but most likely you'll be packing a bag.  This super cute app lets your little ones join in the preparation, but they'll be having a lot more fun.  Pack a suitcase for four different destinations while building vocabulary, language skills and creative play.

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I hate packing.  It takes forever, and I'm always worried about forgetting something. There's never enough room for all the things I NEED to bring.  These problems simply don't exist in My Little Suitcase by Moms with Apps.  Kids can choose from four exciting destinations -- beach trip, snow trip, camping trip or sleepover at a friend's house.

Each trip requires five items to be packed into the suitcase.  Children can choose from four like items and slide their choice into the suitcase.  Should you bring a green, pink, purple or blue sleeping bag on the camping trip?  It's up to you!  Once everything is packed the suitcase shuts and is transferred to the destination.  The unpacking is even more fun!  Tap the suitcase open to dress up a stuffed animal at the sleepover, build a sandcastle at the beach, search for a forest animal on the camping trip or dress up the snowman. 

There's no fancy animation or customization features, but this is a fun, free app that children will enjoy playing.  It offers a wealth of opportunities for vocabulary development, following directions, describing, categorization and creative play.  I use it often during speech language therapy sessions.  So pick a vacation spot and get packing!

From iTunes:

My Little Suitcase is a kids travel application where children pack for their family vacation and choose where to go! 

 My Little Suitcase begins with a bright menu of choices for a beach trip, snow trip, camp trip, or sleepover. Kids get to pack their own mittens, camping lanterns and beach balls. One by one, they choose items into the suitcase until packing is complete. Once they arrive, they get to do what kids to best – PLAY! Kites, beach balls, snowflakes and shooting stars are all part of the My Little Suitcase adventure. Be creative by going back to the main menu and experimenting with other combinations in your suitcase. 

 Your online privacy is a top priority. No data is collected in this app. There are no ad networks, no social media, no in app purchases, no internet links, no personal information, and no registration. The app is free because I'm not actively updating the app with new features at this time.

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 Sarah wouldn't mind packing if she could go somewhere sunny and warm away from ALL this snow.

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