Monday, December 30, 2013

Good Free App of the Day: Show Me Stories

Once upon a time I found a great free app that can teach vocabulary including action words, describing skills, and story telling. To make it even more fun, the picture scenes are "hidden" and can be uncovered with the swipe of a finger. Children will love discovering each story board and making up a story to go with each one. You can even use your own photos for even more story telling! What will your happily ever after be?

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What's your story? This app gives you 30 different scenes in three categories and the ability to customize using your own pictures.  From the home screen you can select from four icons. The first features picture scenes based on a variety of occupations. The second group of pictures is all about animals. The third set of scenes contains fairy tale pictures and the fourth icon accesses your device's camera roll.

You simply swipe your finger across the screen to find the picture scene hidden beneath. A bar at the bottom gives a visual of how much of the picture you have discovered and how much more is left. When the picture has been revealed the simple animation and sound effects begin. I like to only uncover part of the picture and have students guess what the picture might be.

The animation is very basic, but still allows for discussion of action words. Because no reading is required, it can used with very young children. It can also be used as story starters for older children and it a great way to practice making inferences and talking about what might happen next.

This free app also allows for customization by accessing your camera roll. I use this feature as a fun way to practice identifying staff and classroom peers. My students love to guess who is hiding behind each "screen".  This is a great way to make any kind of flashcard activity a little more exciting.

What will you and your imagination do with this free app?

From iTunes:

Take your child into the magic world of “ShowMe Stories” on your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad ! 

The application includes 30 images in three categories: animals, fairy tales and professions. Just move your finger on your iPhone/iPad Touch and the next extraordinary picture is presented.

 A hare eating a carrot, swimming dolphins or a deer on a clearing,  your kid will be able to see all these on your IPhone screen. One finger movement will take you to the world of fairy tales. Tell your child why the wolf wanted to eat the Little Red Riding Hood, why Pinocchio has a long nose and how Hansel and Gretel managed to escape from the house of the evil witch. Let your imagination create a completely new stories. 

Your child may also in an easy way get to know, what the work of a fireman or a miner looks like. Use the application for a common playing, show your child only a part of the picture and let him guess what is hidden. 

A colorful and merry animations of “Hidden Stories for Kids” will surely give your child a lot of fun! MAIN FEATURES: -------------------- 
1. 30 special images with animation 
2. 3 categories: animals, fairy tales and professions. 
3. Collection of stories with educational content 
4. Professional layout and cool design 
5. Simple feature - uncover images by movement finger 
6. Special feature – attach your images from Photo Library

Sarah used to tell her children elaborate bed time stories featuring three cousins who had very little adult supervision, but truly spectacular adventures. 

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