Sunday, December 22, 2013

Let's Do Happy This Holiday

My kids see me as a superhero. One who can simultaneously fetch drinks, snacks, re-boot a computer and fix a crumbling LEGO structure all in two seconds flat. Their expectations are high, that's for sure. With the holidays close by, their daily expectations have risen to a new level. Today, I was feeling the "holiday burn-out" as I ran around crowded stores, finding some last minute gifts; then made it to two different kids' holiday activities, wrapped presents, made dinner, cleaned parts of the house and did all of my normal daily routine tasks. Funny, I'm yawning just reading what I've written and yet, that is easily what the holidays can turn into if you let them.

I don't want burn-out, I want happy memories and good times with my wonderful family. So, I threw an impromptu dance party in the kitchen with the kids. We danced, we laughed and we had fun. We made memories that had nothing to do with what shiny trinket is wrapped under the tree. As I have been stumbling through this holiday season, I came across this wonderful article. 6 Research-Backed Tricks That Will Help You Have a Happier Holiday.

 I could not have said it any better then this article. I know I will turn to these six seemingly simple ideals when the days leading up to the holidays don't feel fun anymore. I would also like to think that I can carry these strategies with me throughout the whole year.


Amanda tries to keep the stress level down, and will resort to the silliest tactics if needed!

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