Saturday, December 21, 2013

Make a great holiday greeting in under 5 min w/our FREE App of the Day!

Are you so behind on holiday greeting cards that you were thinking of skipping them altogether or inventing a new family tradition of Valentine's Day greeting cards? Kids wouldn't cooperate for the family picture this year? Chatterpix Kids (FREE) from Duck Duck Moose is incredibly fun and might save your holiday greeting card nightmares. Your kids can help make these illustrated pics and you will have everyone laughing--the best gift you can give! Keep reading to find out how to make a smashing techomemade (my new fav made-up word) card below.

If you would like to download Chatterpix Kids (FREE, iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using our link:

No ads or in-app purchases.  External links to developer's site and other apps, safely hidden in protected parent areas.


Kids are taken through 5 quick steps to complete the process!

Step 1: Kids can pick from a picture they already have on their camera roll or take a new pic, including selfies!  

Step 2:  This step may be be very frustrating for children with fine motor challenges. They need to take their finger and draw a dotted line where they want a mouth to open. I found using a stylus for this step was far less frustrating, but even when kids draw the line in the wrong place, the results will still be really funny.

Step 3: A red microphone will appear under the picture. Kids can now voice record a message! They will get a nice visual, "1, 2, 3..." countdown.  

Step 4: Kids can decorate their picture with stickers, text, a frame, etc.   

Step 5: TahDah! It all comes together when you hit the big green arrow to play your picture. A prompt will ask if you want to export it to your camera roll. From the camera roll, it is easy to email it or share it on Facebook!

Voila! Fun Holiday Greetings that are techomemade by your kids in under 5 min with no mess to clean up, stamps to buy or wasted paper! Take that Martha!

Tamara Kaldor is a developmental therapist in private practice in Chicago. She loves making things techomemade and the only family member that would agree to pose for the camera for the test run of this app was the wunderpup, Daffodil.

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