Wednesday, December 4, 2013

More Gift Ideas

In my search for wonderful gifts for my kiddos, I stumbled upon an article from Parenting Special Needs. The writer highlights so many wonderful gift ideas for children with special needs that I needed to share them with you. Read the full article to see ideas, such as water troughs or foam bowling sets and how they have proved perfect gifts for her son.

In my search for the perfect gifts, I have grown excited for our upcoming holiday. I really want to share one of my favorite gifts with our readers. Little Miss M is fixated on being a teacher right now. I purchased a photo box and plan to use some chalkboard paint on the lid to make a label. I bought stickers, certificates, lined writing paper, teaching flash cards, sentence strips, and other assorted teacher supplies. I plan to print multiple worksheets and get a teacher record book for her. It will be a pretend school box, and personalized to Little Miss M. I will also be able to change and add to the contents as she gets older!

What great ideas do you have to share? Please share them in the comments below!

Here is an excerpt from the article I stumbled upon and really loved!

Two key factors to look for in selecting gifts
I look for two key things when buying gifts for my son who has Cerebral Palsy.  My main focus is finding something that he will successfully be able to use.  The secondary focus is to choose a game or activity that promotes inclusion and social interaction with his sister and his peers.
My son is non-verbal and I believe that improving his hand function is fundamental to his being able to use augmentative communication.  If a fun game or toy gives the opportunity to improve his hand function, I think that is a winning combination.

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Amanda is always trying to find gifts that inspire her girls to be creative and get that priceless reaction from them upon opening.

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