Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Our Picks for Top 50 Apps for Parents and Educators

Adults deserve apps too! As you prepare for the new year, here are some apps that we think are great for Parents, Educators, and SLPs to have when working with children.

For Teachers/Educators: (#1 - #10)
Teacher's Pack ($35.99, iPad Only) - Contains the full versions (without in-app purchases) of all 15 of's educational games. Exactly what speech-language pathologists and teachers need, including data collection.  (4 Stars)
Chronicle ($19.99, iPad Only) - an easy and thorough data tracking and gradebook for teachers (5 Stars)
Remind101 (FREE, iPhone/iPad) - provides a safe way for teachers to text message students and stay in touch with parents
Class Act! ($4.99, iPad Only) - supports teachers 'on the go' as they assess their students' progress throughout the lesson.
Win A Spin HD ($0.99, iPad Only) - students are rewarded for good behavior by earning a spin to reveal a prize
Stick Pick ($2.99, iPhone/iPad) - pick a student at random just by giving your device a shake or tapping the screen
Bag Game ($0.99, iPhone/iPad) - where an object is selected and hidden in a "bag". The players then need to ask questions to try to narrow it down.
Show Me Interactive Whiteboard (FREE, iPad Only) - digital whiteboard that can include voice recordings and ability to share with other users.
Basic Concepts Skill Screener ($14.99, iPad Only) - a quick, motivational screening tool created to help assess the basic concept skills in children. Designed by certified speech-language pathologists
Kinder Assessment ($4.99, iPhone/iPad) - a basic skills assessment app

Speech: (#11 - #27)
ConversationBuilder ($19.99, iPad Only) - designed to help elementary aged children learn how to have multi-exchange conversations with their peers in a variety of social settings
ConversationBuilder Teen ($19.99, iPad Only) - is a teen version of the popular and award winning virtual conversation simulator
Conversation TherAppy ($24.99, iPhone/iPad) - works on conversation and answering comprehension questions, with great data-keeping and customization (5 Star)
Kangaroo Island Photo Classifying ($9.99, iPad Only) helps children learn to group items by category and therapists to track students' progress (4 Stars)
ArtikPix (29.99, iPhone/iPad) - articulation app with flashcard and matching activities for children with speech sound delays
So Much 2 Say - Picture Communication ($18.99, iPad only) - for individuals at the beginning stages of communication development is expandable, flexible and inexpensive.
iRecognize ($49.99, iPad Only) is an app designed for speech-language pathologists working with clients with aphasia. (4 Stars)
Apraxia Ville ($29.99, iPad Only) - is a comprehensive solution to assist students with apraxia, individually or in a group setting, practice sound production at the syllable, word or phrase level. (4.5 Stars)
Grace ($9.99, iPhone/iPad) - is a customizable picture card AAC system that emphasizes communication and interaction rather than a "voice." (4 Stars)
Phono Learning Center ($19.99, iPad Only) - based on the evidence-based Cycles technique used specifically for those children who are unintelligible due to a sound-system disorder
Articulation Test Center ($49.99, iPad Only) - is an articulation and phonology test developed as both an informal assessment and a measure to monitor progress in speech development
Open-Ended Articulation ($4.99, iPhone/iPad) - features a collection of over 500 open-ended questions
Sono Flex Lite (FREE, iPhone/iPad) - a good free option for AAC
First Phrases HD ($15.99, iPad Only) - a great app for teaching expressive vocabulary
Reading Comprehension Camp ($19.99, iPad Only) - made specifically for language growth and reading comprehension
Articulation Station Pro ($49.99, iPhone/iPad) - learn and practice pronunciation of souns
Speech Box ($19.99, iPad Only) - word practice

Parents: A parent takes on many roles and may use apps listed under teachers and speech, here are a few that we thought were more parent specific. (#28 - #31)
Keepy (FREE, iPhone/iPad 2x) - organize, save and share your child's art work digitally
iAdvocate (FREE, iPhone/iPad 2x) share and develop specific strategies with parents for working collaboratively with a school team
Rover (FREE, iPad Only) - education based web browser developed for children
First Aid by American Red Cross (FREE, iPhone/iPad 2x) - puts expert advice for everyday emergencies in your hand

Behavior Management: (#32 - #36)
Too Noisy (FREE, iPhone/iPad) - cute visual noise meter
ClassDojo (FREE, iPhone/iPad) - captures and generates data on behavior that teachers can share with parents and administrators
Timer + Touch HD ($1.99, iPhone/iPad) - a visual timer
iRewardChart ($3.99, iPhone/iPad) - children rewarded with stars and work up to earn prizes
Happy Kids Rewards (FREE, iPhone/iPad 2x) - positive rewards system where kids work up to a spin on rewards wheel.

Social Skills: (#37 - #46)
Sōsh™ ($39.99, iPhone/iPad 2x) - focuses on five essential abilities for social skills development: Relate, Relax, Reason, Regulate, and Recognize
Voice Meter ($0.99, iPhone/iPad 2x) - Part of full Sosh app
The Shredder ($0.99, iPhone/iPad 2x) - Shred negative thoughts and feelings.  Part of Sosh
Relax App ($5.99, iPhone/iPad 2x) -  Part of full Sosh app
My Life Skills Box (FREE, iPad Only)  offers three different kinds of techniques to help children learn different life skills
Storybook Maker ($2.99, iPad Only) - lets you create your own short stories, scrapbooks, albums and more (5 Stars)
First Then Visual Schedule HD ($9.99, iPhone/iPad) - helps create a visual schedule for your child, so he can learn to understand what will happen next, sequence steps in a given activity, or learn what is expected in a given routine.  (4.5 Stars)
ChoiceWorks ($6.99, iPhone/iPad) - helps children complete daily routines, understand & control their feelings, and improve their waiting skills
Book Creator ($4.99, iPad Only) - create your own iBooks
Story Creator (FREE, iPhone/iPad) - create story books containing photos, videos, text, and audio

Organization: (#47 - #50)
Evernote (FREE, iPhone/iPad) create and sync notes and pictures to a cloud server to access across different devices
Wunderlist (FREE, iPhone/iPad) - create and share to-do lists
Nudge - Reminders ($0.99, iPhone/iPad 2x) - more flexible and versatile than the default calendar app
Birdhouse for Autism (FREE, iPhone/iPadx2) - caregivers easily track health and behavioral information for a child

Rachel H. loves making lists, and thinks this may be one of her favorites so far!


Heather S. has enjoyed making these lists, but she is ready for a relaxing day with family now.

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