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Review: Peekaboo Toy Box - app for preschoolers

Purpose of App: Preschool level app which introduces cause and effect as well as early vocabulary

Strengths: Basic, easy to use interface. Bold graphics and fun interactions

Weaknesses: Automatically moves to next scene without chance to pause or slow down. Word is spoken when object is clicked, but not when child clicks on the word.

Suggested Audience: Any child working at a preschool level. Good for working on fine motor and cause and effect

Star Rating Breakdown
Meets Intended Goal: 5
Entertainment: 5
Worth the Price: 4
Ease of Use: 5
Educational Value: 4
Level of Customization: 4

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Peekaboo Toy Box was designed specifically for young minds. Through the use of bold colors, early vocabulary and simple interactions, preschool level children will enjoy exploring what is inside the different boxes.

Children get to progress through different scenes. Each page starts with a wrapped gift, which bounces and jumps until it is tapped. Then, a cute object appears along with the written and audio pronunciation of the name. Tapping on or around the object causes fun little actions to occur. After about 15 seconds the scene ends and another one begins.

Selecting the duck makes it swim around the tub, as well as replaying the spoken name. Clicking on the word, however, does not have it read aloud. It would be nice to have the word spoken at this point as well as when the object is tapped. This could help children associate the word, the object and the pronunciation all together. Granted, the only word spoken is the word displayed.

One of the drawbacks of having such an easy to use app, is there is not much room for customization. It would be nice to have the option to stay on a specific screen if a child wanted to. The timing between objects is set. It would be nice if there was an option in the parent section to modify the time interval between scenes to be longer or shorter.

Pressing twice on the arrow at the top of the scene does bring the child to the "toy room," as I like to call it. On this screen, all the different objects are on display. Children can select any which they like and be taken directly to the scene. However, the scene is still only available for the same limited amount of time before moving on to the next object. If a child wants to keep playing with the dinosaur (which is adorable), they have to keep going back to the toy room and re-selecting it.

I always say that I would rather a little bit done right, then a large amount of something done poorly. The words chosen are very well done. However, for $1.99, I would like more than just 15 words. The selection of words used is a nice mix. Kids will find each word entertaining and useful to build vocabulary. The 15 objects focused on in this app are done beautifully, but for the price I'd like 5 or 10 more.

The cause and effects for each page are not only cute, but customized for each scene. The duck gets bubbles, the boat gets fish, tapping the umbrellas makes them close, and tapping the balloons pops them. Tapping the sky around the airplane creates mini hot air balloons, and tapping on the airplane makes it do loop-the-loops.

It is well thought out and entertaining for young minds and not complicated in the least. Young children will enjoy discovering all the surprises tucked away in this straightforward app.  Children working at a preschool level will enjoy all this non-complicated app has to offer.

From iTunes:

What is inside the gift box? Fun toys are ready to jump out and surprise your little ones. Watch your kids have fun guessing what fun toy will pop out of the box!

Let your kids learn new words by themselves by exploring the engaging interactions built into this wholesome app.

This app was specially designed for toddlers so it focuses on eye tracking and fine motor skills development, and introduces cause and effect and early vocabulary.

Our goal is to use our "Entice, Explore, Play, and Extend" framework to entertain your children in a productive way.


• Tap the gift boxes and discover what is inside
• Help the little explorer find his toys
• Watch the fun animations
• Discover more that 40 interactions
• No in-app purchases or third-party advertising

Rachel H's son came running into the room every time he heard the music from the app while she was testing it. He wanted to be the one to click the box first.

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