Sunday, December 8, 2013

Something fat + fab to fill your kid's stocking: Lunatik Chubby Stylus Review

Looking for an awesome stocking stuffer for an early writer? This would also make a great classroom gift for a tech center area. Under $10!

I LOVE the Lunatik Chubby Stylus and it is on sale for $9.95! I also keep the Cosmonaut (reviewed here) on my top 3 list of stylists. The Lunatik Chubby Stylus lacks the weight of the Cosmonaut, but makes up for it with a shape that promotes a proper grip for early writers. The Lunatik Chubby Stylus works effortlessly, as long as the user has their fingertips on the black part of the stylus. Children may be frustrated with having to keep their hand on the black area to get any mark out of it, but teachers and professionals will be thrilled by the reinforcement it offers.

The fat size of the stylus is great for young hands -- just like larger sized markers that you find in most school art supply stashes. Children with a weak hand grip will benefit from the soft rubber and triangle shape which fits snugly into small hands. I keep a wide range of styluses for children to try out, and this has been a winner with most of my preschool and kindergarten age clients. I recommend you give children an opportunity to play with different styluses as you would crayons, markers and pencils.

How to get your child interested in handwriting before they can make their first letter?

Most children will like using Write My Name and other great handwriting apps, but I encourage you to let them try doodling too! When children have the opportunity to play with drawing tools, they often become more comfortable holding writing instruments and transition to making letters with greater success. Lazoo's Let's Color app (reviewed here) and their Squiggles app (FREE) are some of my favorite apps to get young children using styluses and started on early handwriting goals. Coloring and making marks on an iPad, paper and other materials will get your child headed in the right direction! Keep it fun! The pressure on young children to start producing letters is beginning earlier, but most children are not ready for writing letters until kindergarten.

Why I love this stylus for young children:

Reinforces a proper grip:
        - triangle shaped stylus
        - unless a child's hand is touching the black grip area, it won't work!

Bright colors make it harder to lose-lime, orange, blue, violet!

Nice weight + soft rubber make it great for little hands!

Buy a Lunatik Chubby Stylus for $9.95 here!

Looking for handwriting app suggestions, tips and more? Smart Apps for Special Needs has over 16 reviews and ideas that you can check out here!


Tamara Kaldor is developmental therapist in private practice in Chicago where the Lunatik Chubby Stylus was also created! She has her MFA and is often found doodling on her iPad, Converses, and in creations she makes with her clients to help them communicate their ideas effectively.

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