Sunday, December 1, 2013

Touching Story - Kailyn Uses Mouth and Feet to Navigate Life

Kailyn was born with a rare congenital disorder where some of her joints did not form properly. She has little use of her arms. At the age of 12, she is able to do most everything she needs to do with her feet and mouth. She feeds herself, writes, cuts, and even wraps presents. This remarkable child definitely put her mind to something and accomplished it. 

Kailyn and her parents worked with students from Marquette University and from Milwaukee Institute of Art to design an easier and more socially appropriate way for Kailyn to eat on her own. This partnership is so wonderful to see.

This story is over a year old, but I really think this girl's story is so great that it has to be shared.  She can really teach a lesson on overcoming difficulties and accepting who you are.

Check out Kailyn's story here: (You might want to have some tissues ready, if you are like me.)

Picture was originally posted at Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. More pictures of Kailyn and those involved with this project can be found there.


Heather S. has so much admiration for individuals who overcome anything life throws at them.

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