Friday, January 3, 2014

All Star - Lexie

Meet Lexie

Lexie is fifteen years old as is her beloved horse, Shorty, who is pictured above with her. Shorty and Lexie have an unspoken and irresistible bond. They truly love each other unconditionally.

Lexie has Intellectual Disabilities, but they certainly don't define her life. In fact, her parents are committed to seeing Lexie for who she truly is and her abilities; not her disabilities.

Working with a trainer, who has very little special needs experience, Lexie is learning to ride for real! I have no doubt that in addition to learning to ride, Lexie is teaching those around her about determination. Her mom was so proud to share that Lexie has trotting down, but she continues to work on loping, as foot placement in the stirrups is more complicated. She is also currently working on the art of barrel and pole patterns. This takes a ton of repetition, but Lexie never gives up!

When she's not with her horse, Lexie can be found with her teammates of five years on the special needs competitive cheer team. This past January they went to the Majors cheer competition in Indianapolis and they won!

Lexie, you've inspired me to stand up and cheer, that's for sure! Let it be heard loud and clear: "GO LEXIE!".

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us. 


Amanda thinks one of the best parts of writing for Smart Apps for Special Needs is learning personal stories and experiences. 

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