Friday, January 31, 2014

Featured App: AssessMe - FREE assessment app for preschool skills

Assessment apps are starting to show up more and more, and I have found another good one for preschool skills. AssessMe is a FREE download that can be used to assess lowercase letters, numbers, shapes and rhymes, and other assessments can be purchased. Set up a class, enter students, and begin assessing easily. Designed to be adult led, this app provides the visuals for assessments, but requires someone to ask the given question and to mark the accuracy of the response on most assessments. Some are made for the child to manipulate something on the screen. If preschool skills are what you need to assess, either at home or at school, this app is a great starting place!

If you would like to download AssessMe (Free with in-app purchases, iPad Only), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using our link:

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External link to developer's website not protected. Links to other sites open within the app. In-app purchases to buy more assessments.

What is free: assessments for lowercase letters, numbers, shapes, and rhymes.
What is not free: assessment for begins with letter, colors, opposites, patterns, positioning, sizing, sorting, syllables, uppercase.
Setting up classes and students is as easy as just entering names. The user has the option to create assessment groups also. This grouping allows a user to determine what assessments are needed for different groups of kids. This customizable option helps when having children at different levels. The option to buy other assessments as in-app purchases allows a user to only purchase ones that will be used. This is better than paying a high amount for an assessment app that a person only uses a few of the assessments it contains.

The reporting features are simple, yet thorough. They can be viewed by student, class, or class hot spots. The reports tell how many correct and how many were presented. It also lists the ones that were answered incorrectly. These reports can be e-mailed from the app. They are not saved within the app, so the next time the test is completed, it will override the old data.

This app is good for teachers to use in preschool and even kindergarten classrooms. It could also be used easily by parents to assess how your own child is progressing toward mastering skills before kindergarten.Why not see how your children or students are doing academically for FREE by downloading AssessMe by Hal Broadhead?

From iTunes:
AssessMe is a tool for educators to assess the skills and progress of students. It uses fun assessments that engage students and tracks their progress for later review.

Heather S. is glad she has apps, such as this one, to help with all the assessments she completes with students.

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