Monday, January 20, 2014

Featured App: Guess Who? - fun for the whole family

Do you remember the game, Guess Who? The game of choosing a character, asking questions to figure out the person your opponent chose and eliminating people, until you can guess your opponent's person correctly, is now available for FREE, as an app.

This is not just a fun game, but it is highly useful as an app for language. A child must determine the best questions to ask, and then eliminate people based on the given answer. Expressive and receptive language can both be practiced, while playing this fun app. This game is fun for the whole family!

If you would like to download Guess Who? (FREE, iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using our link:

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Ads are present in the free version at the top of the screen and small pop-ups. In-app purchase is to open Integral Pack that unlocks all levels, removes ads, opens 2 player mode, allows user to win twice the points, and includes 10 exclusive cards. External links to share on social media and to the iTunes store for more apps.

 Guess Who missed being a Good Free App of the Day due to having ads, in-app purchases and external links, but this app is a wonderful app for fun and therapy, and it is even worth the $1.99 in-app purchase to own the full version and remove ads. The app can be used in English, French or Spanish.

The free version provides three of the five games and an introduction to the last two. The three games included are Guess, Make me guess, and Time Attack.. Each level has a tutorial that must be played first to show how to do that game. Then, it will proceed through Very easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, and Very hard levels. A player must earn a certain number of cards by winning games to open the next level.

Guess? provides cards of people on the screen with questions that will appear at the bottom. A user will choose a question by scrolling through the questions provided and clicking to choose one. A child must be able to read these on their own or have the questions read to them, as there is no narration. Once a question is asked, the game will give the answer aloud and in print. The user will click any pictures to turn them over and eliminate them. If a mistake is made, the picture can easily be clicked and turned back over. Questions continue until the player can guess the correct person. As the levels get harder, more people are on the screen.

Make me guess! is played in the opposite way. The user will choose the person and will answer yes or no questions about the chosen person. The app will not allow a child to answer incorrectly. A person can practice answering questions with this section.

Time Attack eliminates the need to ask questions, and it just provides hints. The player flips over cards to eliminate them as fast as possible when the clues are given. This is a great way to practice listening for clues and matching them to pictures.

Tournament and Two players open with the in-app purchase. These are played just like the physical version of Guess Who?.  In Tournament, the user plays against the computer, while in Two players, two people can play against each other.  The difference in the two player mode is that the users are not picking a character and answering the questions. It is more like two people playing the computer, yet racing against each other to get the answer first. 

This app is a lot of fun, and I look forward to using it to promote language with my students. Asking and answering questions is something that many of my students struggle with. Also, this app helps with paying attention to details. The free version is definitely worth checking out, and you might just want the full version after that.

From iTunes:
"Guess Who?" is a simple deductive and pedagogic game. It is designed for the entire family from 4 years to 90. Goals is to guess a character just by asking simple questions.

••••• This game is free so try it now! •••••

Why should I try it ?
• "Guess Who?" is a high quality and free game
• "Guess Who?" has a unique and addictive Gameplay
• "Guess Who?" includes more than 70 high quality characters you will unlock after each victory
• "Guess Who?" comes with 5 exiting game mode (Guess?, Make me guess!, Time Attack, Tournament, Two players)
• "Guess Who?" can be played in 5 difficult levels (from very easy to very hard)
• "Guess Who?" includes texts and audio speeches in english, french and spanish languages
• "Guess Who?" is pedagogic and help to develop logical reasoning
• "Guess Who?" is supported on all iOS 5.0 devices (iPad iPhone and iPod Touch)
• "Guess Who?" support Retina Display for iPhone 4,4S and newly iPad 3

Game modes:
• Guess?: Guess the computer character by asking simple questions.
• Make me guess!: Help computer to guess by answering computer questions.
• Time Attack: Guess computer character as fast as you can with clues computer will gives you.
• Tournament : Guess computer character before it guess your character.
• Two players : Play with friends or family and guess opponent character first.

Difficult levels:
Game comes with 5 difficult levels that will be unlocked when you have enough characters, from very easy to very hard. Depending on difficulty level, you will have to guess a character from 6 to 70 for iPad version and from 6 to 28 for iPhone/iPod version.

Heather S. loved playing Guess Who? when she was young, and she had a lot of fun playing this app today also.

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