Thursday, January 9, 2014

Featured App: Let's Be Social — preloaded and personalized social pragmatic lessons

LetsbesocialAre social pragmatics a struggle for a child that you know? A brand new app made specifically for children on the autism spectrum and those with developmental delays has been released this week. You do not want to miss this one!

The amount of preloaded content paired with the ability to make personalized lessons makes Let's Be Social a phenomenal app to use with individuals with special needs. This app can help a child prepare for many social interactions. Be one of the first to own it!

If you would like to download Let's Be Social (iPad only, $14.99), please support Smart Apps for Kids by using our link:

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App-Warning-noADS-noIAP-noELFacebook, Twitter, and Pinterest will open within the app under the About Us tab in Settings. The developer's website can be opened within the app in settings also.

Letsbesocial2Let's Be Social has 25 ready-to-use lessons covering a wide range of social pragmatic skills. An account must first be set up by entering a name, email address and a password. This app can be used by educators, SLPs, parents, and anyone working with individuals with special needs. It is simple to use even at home. It is designed to be completed with an adult, so conversations can occur about the social skill lesson. The questions in the app open up the discussion easily for the adult, so as long as the adult has social pragmatic skills themselves, it will be simple to lead a discussion by expanding conversation about a presented question.

Once an account has been set up, the user has immediate access to the preloaded lessons. There are five different skill sets included with three to seven lessons for each skill, including personal interactions, navigating the community, school behavior, handling change and social relationships. Each lesson covers many skills, such as making eye contact, joining a group, eating at a restaurant, dealing with disappointment, and much more.

Letsbesocial3Each lesson contains a short story that describes a social situation. Once the story has been read, questions are provided for the child to answer. The questions not only show what a child would do in that situation, but they can be used to open up a discussion between the adult and the child. A box pops up to tell if the answer is correct or incorrect. From this point, there is the option to review the question or to go to the next question.  Reviewing the question takes a user back to the screen to try a different answer. Pictures accompany each story and question as a visual for the child to use when answering. The facial expressions in the pictures accurately portray the feelings behind the situation being discussed.

Letsbesocial5If there is not a lesson made for a certain needed skill, a personalized lesson can easily be made. New skill sets can be added, and new lessons can be added into preloaded and new skill sets. Making a lesson is very easy to do! Write a short narrative that reinforces the skills that are being taught and add a personal image to go along with it. Multiple choice questions with pictures can be added as the last step, and then the lesson will be ready to use.

The settings contain information on the privacy policy and about the developer. There is also a link to tell a friend about the app, and the button to log out of the app is located here.
This brand new app is a wonderful app for anyone working with individuals ne
eding support with social pragmatics. The included content is great, and the ability to make personalized lessons is absolutely wonderful. Don't miss out on a great app!

Letsbesocial1From iTunes:
Premium Social Pragmatics Content at your Fingertips!

Let's be Social! targets the pragmatic skills of Recognizing Emotions, Solving Problems, Forming Friendships, and Predicting Outcomes.

Let's be Social! comes standard with 25 high quality lessons created by licensed SLP's. Each lesson includes walks the user through different social interactions and asks questions to help encourage retention and carryover of skills. Custom illustrations to show emotions felt and actions taken during each stage of a lesson.

Letsbesocial4We put the power in your hands! We know every child is different, so we provide the ability to create completely customized content! You can create your own lesson summaries, questions, and import your own photos. You can create entire lessons from scratch in an instant with our question creator.

Who is the app for?
Let's be Social! was created specifically for those with autism, Asperger's, and developmental delays.

Here is a video from the developer about the app.

ProfilePicHeather S. cannot wait to use this app with some students.

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