Monday, January 27, 2014

Featured App: Writing An Opinion - graphic organizer

Do you have a child that struggles to organize their thoughts on paper? Graphic organizers help children to plan their writing in pieces.  Then, they are able to see it in a more visual way to help move to a full writing piece.

Writing An Opinion is a graphic organizer app that walks a child through the writing process for an opinion essay.  It is a must see!

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Matthew Harris, the developer, has made Writing An Opinion a very visual and easy to use app for planning a three paragraph opinion piece. Three checklists are included to guide a user through the introduction, arguments and conclusion paragraphs. A picture is included to represent each part of the checklist, along with a short description of that section.

To begin planning a writing piece, a child clicks on the box beside each picture to open up a page for typing. A user will type their plan for that section, hit done, check it off, and move on to the next part. The graphic organizer is set up in a logical order, but if a child is having difficulty with a part, he can jump around to different parts without staying in order.

Clicking on the speaker button will begin a sound clip that explains the purpose of the paragraph that is being worked on. A word bank is also available within the app to find commonly used words in opinion writing.

Once a child has completed writing all sections, the app reminds of COPS Check -- Capital letters, Organization, Punctuation, and Spelling. The finished button can be clicked to view all of the written information on one page. This provides a great visual for a child to use when moving from the planning stage to the writing piece. This organizer can be saved to the device by taking a screenshot and then it can be emailed for printing.

I really find this app to be useful in helping children plan writing. The visual pieces of it make it great for struggling writers who are visual learners. Opinion pieces can be difficult for children to organize their thoughts easily, so I find Writing An Opinion a great way to help children. It is definitely worth checking out for those struggling writers.

From iTunes:
This graphic organiser is designed to help students learn how to write a piece of Persuasive Writing. This can be one of the most challenging genres for developing writers to get their heads around. This organiser has been developed to make the planning stage as easy and as structured as possible, and to provide tips on how to improve the quality of their work. This organiser is targeted at primary school level students, but can be used right through to high school.

This graphic organiser is extremely easy to use. Following the onscreen prompts, students plan their paragraphs. At the end of the process the students can view a summary of their planner which they can use to write their essay. 

Heather S. has owned this app for a long time, and was excited to see the most recent upgrade fix the iOS7 bugs that were occurring. Now, she can use it again with students!

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