Thursday, January 23, 2014

FREE App Alert! Attainment's Access Language Arts from 39.99 to FREE for a limited time!

Attainment's Access Language Arts, normally a $39.99 app, has gone FREE for a limited time only! This app contains four stories adapted to specifically benefit students with special needs. 
The stories included are Neighbors, Sadako, The Diary of Anne Frank, and We Beat the Streets. The app follows a research based curriculum and is designed to line up with Common Core Standards. 

If you would like to download Attainment’s Access Language Arts (FREE for limited time. Regular price $39.99, iPad Only), please show your support by using our link:

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The popular middle school age stories are summarized and shortened to be read in a single sitting. Not only can the student hear the story narrated to them, but it is easy to follow along as the words are highlighted yellow when each word is read. There are also small pictures above many of the key words to help the student to follow along easily.

Students can study key vocabulary words found in each of the four stories. This can help a student prepare before starting the story. The vocabulary words are underlined within the text of the story and can be tapped in order to hear the definition. Each word of the story can be tapped in order to hear it pronounced. There is also a preview section where each book is introduced, along with the opportunity for the student to predict the outcome.

At the end of each story there are questions on comprehension, vocabulary, multiple choice and even sequencing. If a question is too difficult for the student, they can use the hint feature to go back and find the answer.

Hurry over and grab this app while it is FREE -- we do not know how long the sale will last.

Here is a video from the developer going over many of the features of Attainment's Access Language Arts.

From iTunes:
Access Language Arts app is based on the curriculum Teaching to Standards: English Language Arts, which was created by Attainment Company and the University of North Carolina Charlotte. Research has shown both the app and curriculum to be highly effective in teaching language arts skills, that are directly aligned to the Common Core Standards, to students with an intellectual disability or autism.

The four literature pieces chosen for read alouds in Access Language Arts app are among those typically used in the middle school curriculum. The adapted stories in the app are Neighbors, Sadako and a Thousand Paper Cranes, The Diary of Anne Frank, and We Beat the Streets.

Components of systematic instruction are embedded in the app's script are: constant time-delay procedure, system of least intrusive prompts, and feedback.

Support for research and development of this app was provided in part by Contract ED-IES-13-C-0031 of the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences, awarded to Attainment Company, Inc.

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