Friday, January 24, 2014

Free App Alert: Eggy Phonics 3 - FREE for one week only!

Reading Eggs has a new app, Eggy Phonics 3, and to celebrate the release it is FREE until Jan. 29 - after that it will go up to $2.99! 
I have most of the Reading Eggs apps and the kids really enjoy playing them.  I downloaded and tested this app while Giggles and Chatterbox were eating dinner and all I could hear from them was "Who's playing that game?", "What game are you playing?", "When can I play it?".  - Old Socks Mommy

If you would like to download Eggy Phonics 3 (FREE until January 29th, then regularly priced $2.99, iPad Only), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using our link:

Interested in completing your Eggy Phonics collection? As part of the new release special, Eggy Phonics 1 and Eggy Phonics 2 are reduced from $2.99 to $1.99.

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Eggy Phonics contains 100 words split into 20 levels.  There are six learning activities for each word that increase in difficulty, starting from picking the picture for the spoken word, right through to writing the word.  I really like that completing words gives you time to play the game and that the game also involves spelling words!  The only thing I would change in this app would be restricting access to the settings and links by implementing a parents section.

From iTunes:
Phonics is an essential part of learning to read and Eggy Phonics 3 makes phonics fun and rewarding. This app focuses on 100 words that are hard to spell, such as knock, thumb and elephant.
Each of the 20 fun and interactive levels use a multisensory approach to learning. Children see, hear, read, spell and write each word to reinforce learning and develop a range of essential early reading skills.

Each level consists of 5 words and a revision set. The app includes a variety of rewards to keep children motivated including badges, 20 critters to hatch and a fun reward game. Children will love learning to read and write with Eggy Phonics 3.

Also available: Eggy Phonics 1 (short vowel words) and Eggy Phonics 2 (long vowel words).


Odd Socks Mummy is enjoying the silence and breathing that sigh of relief that can only occur once the kids are in bed and asleep.  Ahhh......

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