Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Awesome Eats - sort and learn about healthy foods

Not to sound cliche, but Awesome Eats is an awesome game! Kids sort various fruits, vegetable, and whole grains as they come down conveyor belts. As kids advance, they unlock harder, more complex levels. Healthy food tips are incorporated though out the game. Check out this FREE app and learn about healthy eating as well as sorting and eye hand coordination.

If you would like to download Awesome Eats (FREE, iPad/iPhone), please show your support by using our link:

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I have one child that is a picky eater and another with sensory food aversions. Like many households, eating healthy food is a huge task for us. Games like Awesome Eats help kids (and adults) explore and learn about foods that are healthy.

The game doesn't just introduce the idea of healthy eating by having kids play with fruits and veggies, but offers tons of healthy tips. One of the healthy tips given in between levels talked about flavoring milk by blending it with fresh fruit. My daughter asked if we could try that at snack time that day.

Kids and adults will have fun sorting and sliding the foods around the crazy conveyor belts. Beware in more advanced levels of obstacles and animals who want to steal the healthy food. Kids wont realize how much they are learning about healthy eating and building eye hand coordination while playing this awesome game!

From iTunes:

Sort, stack, pack and plate a rainbow of fresh-from-the-garden foods! And now recycle items after lunch!

In each level you’ll stack and sort fruits, veggies and whole grains across wacky contraptions to win stars and score big points! Be on the lookout for thieving birds and tap to shoo them away for extra points. You and your kids will unlock hours of challenging game play and get loads of healthy eating tips along the way.

Featuring 64 challenging levels, a cast of over 70 characters, healthy eating tips, skill bonuses, obstacles and fun surprises to keep you on your toes!

Presented by Whole Kids Foundation: Supporting schools and inspiring families to improve children's nutrition and wellness.

Rachel H now punches fruit and vegetables in her sleep.

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