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Good Free App of the Day: Book of Me - put yourself in a story

Is bedtime or meal times a difficult time in your house?  Maybe a personalized bedtime story and a personalized book of food would help!

A child can be the star of three stories in this wonderful app. Making personalized stories for a child can take a lot of time to put together, but Book of Me allows the child to personalize their own story as it goes along.

This adorable app, designed for ages 2-6, is always FREE!

If you would like to download Book of Me (FREE, iPhone/iPad 2x), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using our link:

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Book of Me has three different customizable stories for a child to use. There are three different sets of books also, so three different characters can be made and saved at a time. Each book uses the entered name, for example, my first book is, "The book of Heather." In this book a child will choose between given choices of hair color, eye color, and more to make a cartoon version of themselves or a person they choose. The avatar will be dressed in the child's favorite color. This story can be reread and characteristics can be changed at any time.

My second book is, "Heather's book of goodnight." This story starts with a "once upon a time" story and ends by going through saying goodnight before bed, sleeping in our own beds until morning, and  saying good morning when we wake up. This story does a good job of breaking down the steps of what it means to go to bed, which would be a good visual for a child with special needs needing help with bedtime.

The final book is about food, and mine is titled, "Heather's book of food." A child is able to choose foods from three choices that they would like to eat. The story tells how each food group helps your body. The child is the star, so it makes the story a personal story about eating healthy and growing strong.

Each story can have narration recorded for it. I think it is great for a child to have a personalized story that is also narrated in his or her own voice.

I will warn that the capitalization and punctuation is lacking in this story, but for an audience of ages 2-6, I felt that the content of the stories would be beneficial for children, and therefore the focus can be taken off of these grammar issues.

Once stories are finished, they can be shared on Facebook or through e-mail with friends and family to see. Children will enjoy sharing their 'mini me' with others.

Here is a cute video of a child using this app:

From iTunes:
Book of Me for iPhone is a series of entertaining and educational stories that places your child in the center of the adventure.

- 'New And Noteworthy' in Books Category.
- 'Book of Me is a very lovely and quite special collection of interactive storybooks in which one can create custom avatars of children that are then used to customize these stories' -
- 'The Book of Me is a definite winner in my book. It has a simple interface that makes it easy for young users to navigate. I love the concept and it’s been wonderfully executed. This one is a hit at our house!' -

See a video of the app in action at

Have you ever had trouble getting your child to eat different foods or stay in his or her bed at night? You and your child can jump in, create a cartoon avatar in the Book of Me, and save it in a personalized bookshelf that holds special stories just for your child, featuring your child! Voice recording allows you or your child to record audio on each page to personalize your stories even further.

Book of Goodnight is designed to help establish a bedtime routine by telling an exciting bedtime story and then encouraging your child to stay in his or her bed all-night-long. Your child can choose to explore space as an astronaut or protect the city as a superhero. Book of Food teaches your child about the four major food groups and the special nutritional power of each group.

Each story has pages that come to life - pirate ships float, stars twinkle, muscles grow, and an x-ray machine reveals strong calcium-rich bones. You and your child can easily narrate any page of a story giving it your own personal touch. It will automatically play back every-time your child flips back to that page. Update a favorite color or change a hairstyle and each story will reflect those changes immediately. You can easily share your child’s avatar or a page from each book with friends and family via email or Facebook. If you have more than one child, no problem! With Book of Me you can create and save up to three different bookshelves so each child will have his or her own personalized series of books!

Recommended for 2-6 year old children, although older children and adults can also have fun building avatars and sharing them online.

Heather S. loves her avatar! Her hair is a little long, but she loves being in a story.

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