Monday, January 27, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Humor Calendar - track a mood for 365 days

Do you have a child that would benefit from tracking their overall mood each day? Maybe, you have a child that is showing mood changes from day to day and you want to see if there is a pattern. Humor Calendar allows a user to track a feeling each day visually. A whole year of faces can be viewed on one screen, so it is a great way to check for patterns. There are five different faces to choose from. An adult or a child could track what type of mood was shown throughout the majority of the day with just a couple simple clicks. This FREE app is ready to be used, so download and start tracking today!

If you would like to download Humor Calendar (FREE), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using our link:

iPad version

iPhone version


Note: The directions in the app do say orange shows the first day of the month, but it is green. This mistake does not affect the use of the app though.

From iTunes:
Humor Calendar is an application that will follow you every day of the year.
365 days are represented by yellow and green dots. The green always represent the first day of a month.

At the end of each day you must answer the following question: "How was your humor today?"
Easy! To reply you must select a face that better express "How was your humor today?" then recording how you felt: very cheerful, happy, quiet, sad or angry.

At any given time of year you'll look back and have a sense of how their days were. Will have the knowledge of how was your mood or spirit in life and it sure will help you rethink some attitudes and decisions.

It´ll be fun!

Heather S. has a much better overall mood since she started working out again!

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