Monday, January 6, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Learn With Henry

Nothing sets my students into a fit of giggles quite like the sounds of impolite bodily functions.  Burping and farting noises are pure comedy for the 3-6 year old demographic (and older kids too, I suspect).  Wouldn't it be great if they could be learning something while they giggle?  Enter Henry, the little blue alien, who is hungry to help kids learn vocabulary, letters, and matching skills while having some gassy fun and he's FREE. 

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Henry, the alien, hangs out in his bedroom with his food bowl.  He's always hungry, but will only eat what he asks for.  Feeding him the correct item from a choice of 3 makes him happy and feeding him the wrong thing...well, he throws up, but it's pretty funny.  You simply tap his food bowl and a bubble pops up next to Henry letting you know what he wants.  You have to find the match in the bubbles over his head.  In the settings, you can choose to match picture to picture, beginning letter to picture, or word to picture.  These features make Henry an app that can grow with your child.

Henry can't talk, but he communicates with gestures, head shakes, silly faces and even knocks on the screen if you are taking too long to touch his food bowl.    He's picky about what he wants to eat, but doesn't limit himself to food.  He eats lamps, boots, irons and other household items.  This allows for great discussions about categorization and what people can and cannot eat.

Learn with Henry is a simple app that offers big laughs.  My students think Henry is hilarious.  It is one of those apps in which it's fun to get the wrong answer.  I use that to my advantage.  Sometimes, I'll suggest feeding Henry the wrong thing.  We discuss if we want Henry to like his meal or if we want him to throw up.  By giving kids a little control, I find that they will work to find the right answer when I ask them to later.

Henry features every letter in the alphabet.  All letter are presented in lowercase form. I love that it allows you to change the difficulty level.  It also has an option to turn the sound off (but where's the fun in that).  Overall, Henry is silly little guy with a noisy belly who will provide lots of belly laughs for your little ones.    

From iTunes:

‘Learn With Henry’ is a matching game that is a fun way to learn the alphabet. 
Henry is a cute blue alien that will only eat what he asks for. Feed him the right thing and he will be happy, feed him the wrong thing and there will be trouble. 
Henry might be an alien but he acts just like a toddler! 

Three ways to learn 
- match a picture with a picture 
- match a letter and a picture 
- match a word and a picture 

Contains cute sounds and fart noises! 


Sarah generally frowns upon "potty humor," but thinks Henry is quite adorable.

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