Sunday, January 26, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Lipa Train - limited time only!

All Aboard! It is time for the Lipa Train to pick up fruit around the tracks, but the train needs a child's help to know the way. Changing arrows at intersections will show the train which way to go. A child must use predicting, while exploring the relationship between actions and consequences, to decide on the best route for the train. A wonderful FREE app designed for children ages four to six years old to explore.

If you would like to download Lipa Train (Free for limited time, normally $2.99, iPad/iPhone), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs by using our link:

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Lipa Train was made by Lipa Learning to provide a scientific experience for children. The levels increase in difficulty with the track becoming longer, more arrows needing to be manipulated, and more fruits to pick up in a given order. This app represents cause and effect in a fun and engaging way for children. If the correct route is not chosen, the train will blow smoke and then continue onto the chosen path, which may take longer.

This is a wonderful app for our all stars that need help with cause and effect, problem solving, and predicting. Start chugging along with the train, while practicing a variety of science related skills for FREE.

FREE Game of the Month... Lipa Train is available FREE to download until the end of January!

All aboard the Lipa train! Train drivers needed for a Scientific trip around the tracks…

Become the driver of the Lipa train and learn lots of valuable new skills as you ride the tracks to fruitful knowledge. There’s fun to be had as you guide your train through a world of discovery…
· Lipa Train is designed to encourage your child to explore and develop their Science skills
· Guide the train around the tracks through lots of interesting animated landscapes
· Introduces vital ‘real world’ scientific and prediction skills
· There are forty increasingly complex levels designed to test demanding young brains
· Positive imagery, animation and sounds are used to stimulate and educate your child
· Rewards are achieved as progress is made maintaining your child’s interest to keep playing and learning

Recommended age: 4-6 years

Lipa Learning: Science game
The Science learning area teaches kids the essential processes needed for experimental learning. Lipa science games are a great way to get your child interested in the inner workings of the world around them. Science works towards: Predicting, understanding actions and consequences; Investigating, finding information through observation; and Manipulating, building a tactile understanding of how materials interact.

Lipa Learning is an award winning company developing fun educational apps for children in their early learning years. We deliver the highest standard in education and fuse it with entertainment, higher order thinking skills and real world learning experiences to ensure your child gets the maximum from our games. Focusing on a specific skill, each game enables children to master that skill before moving on to the next. This unique approach coupled with our organic curriculum, is designed to allow children to grow at their own pace, guiding them through their learning adventure with care and attention to ensure they develop a lifelong love of learning.
Why parents will love our apps?

· An organic learning experience to support your child’s entire development
· A learning adventure which your child will love
· Develops skills for life, securing your child’s lifelong love of learning
· Encourages your child in a fun, safe environment

Why children will love our apps?

· Learning how it was supposed to be
· Cute characters and fun animations
· Structured rewards to motivate learners
· Engaging apps children will want to play again and again

Lipa Learning…

We can change education.

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