Monday, January 20, 2014

Good Free App of the Day - Little Charley Bear

"Are you there, Charley Bear?"  Charley is an adorable little bear who doesn't talk, but communicates so much through his sparkling imagination.  Go on great adventures with Charley and all his friends.  This app is based on a popular British TV show designed for preschoolers.  It features great music, fun narration, video clips and matching games.  Your child will love exploring with Charley and adults will love that kids will be working on language development, comprehension questions and pretend play skills.  Join Charley on all of his adventures for FREE.

If you would like to download Little Charley Bear (Free, iPhone/iPad), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs and use the link provided:

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This app contains no add or in-app purchases.  It does contain external links to the official Little Charley Bear website and Charley's Facebook page. 


To start your adventures with Charley, click the "play" button.  There are external links on either side, but once you load the main page, those buttons will no longer be there.  Choose between six different scenes with a great variety of themes including: airplanes, safari, race cars, circus, snow, and space.  Just click on a scene and watch a clip of Charley using his imagination.

At the end of each clip, there is a match and play game with items based on the scene.  The items are found at the top of the screen and need to be matched into the white outlines within the picture.  Once all items are in the correct spot, an arrow prompt will flash.  Push the arrow to see Charley's imagination come to life, featuring him and his group of animal friends.

 The animation is top-notch and the narrator makes the clips naturally interactive with fun comments and great comprehension questions throughout.  You can pause the video clips to ask questions or practice vocabulary/target words at anytime.  Sound effects and music add even more quality to this excellent free app.  

From iTunes:

The Match and Play game features all of the most-loved characters from the hit series, along with great clips, music, and famous voices including Gavin & Stacey star, James Corden. 

To use, simply double click to select an adventure, watch the clip, drag and drop Little Charley Bear's props, then play the scene and see Charley's imagination come to life. 

Explore four different scenes including: 

Up Up and Away! - Little Charley Bear is flying in his plane and needs to deliver Midge's birthday present! Match the shapes to complete the scene then watch as Charley flies in his plane! 

Safari - Help Little Charley Bear get ready for an exciting Safari adventure. Join Charley, Midge and Nibblit as they delve into the jungle! 

Racing - Little Charley Bear is a racing driver! Get him ready to race with his friends and watch him lift the trophy! 

Circus - There is plenty of time for clowning around. Join Charley, Frozo and Midge as they prepare for lots of fun at the Circus! 


Look out for updates that feature more themes - there is no end to the fun a child can have with Little Charley Bear, and best of all... it's completely FREE! 

Watch out for new apps from Little Charley Bear!

Sarah could listen to the British accent of Charley's narrator all day long.  

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