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Good Free App Of The Day: Mini-U: My Home

 Who couldn't use a little help learning how to organize drawers, shoes and hang wallpaper? Ready to sign up your spouse, roommate or partner...err we mean child? This is a great FREE app from PopApp Factory to use with young children who have organizational, spatial and visual processing challenges. You may be wondering from the voices in this app if Barry White is trapped in a green shoe box. This app is that fun for kids and adults to play together! The images and sounds are entertaining, colorful and engaging. Keep reading for some tips about how to use this app to benefit your child or student!

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Mini-U: My Home has 3 different games children can play: Shoes Magician, Wallpaper Hanger, and Wardrobe Builder! Each addresses different visual and spatial skills, while also helping children learn how to swipe and drag objects using a touch screen. The cause and effect will be a highlight for the youngest of users. For children who may prefer to have the sound off while using this app, they will get some fun animation when they complete a task successfully!

For young children, I would start with the Shoes Magician Game. I love that children need to put the right shoe in a certain position above the box. You can help your child by asking questions about left or right when they are moving a shoe.  Children are challenged to think about size and orientation when they look at the shoes and the gray outlines. They will be rewarded for their hard
work with a fun sounds from the happy shoeboxes!

Need to work on swiping and dragging objects? Wallpaper Hanger's animation may run a little too fast for some children, but the music and action makes lining up wallpaper samples fun. Children will be working on reading from left to right visually. Ask your child to help you match the wallpaper seams and look at each seam together from left to right. The patterns keep changing so children can do this multiple times without getting bored.

Wardrobe Builder may be a test of patience for many children as they need to find the object that is the BEST fit for a space. There are some great visual cues (such as gray shapes) that support a child that may become frustrated easily when they don't find the correct home for an object. The objects that children are asked to find homes for are fun and unique i.e. trumpet, bunny rabbit or fan. My only criticism of this section is that children may question why a shoe, cosmetics case and keys go in the same cabinet. This is a great time to help your child learn some new vocabulary for an object he or she may not have seen before.

iTunes Description: 

* Special Launch Price! FREE! Get it today! *
Explore the World around You! 
Welcome to My Home! Play in 3 fun mini games that encourage children to explore the world in a new creative way! Let your kids decorate their room with wallpaper, put things right in the wardrobe and revive the box, picking the right pair of shoes! 

Interactive game for children aged over 2 years.

3 fantastic mini games inside:

Wall decorator
• Help paint roller to match wallpaper
Wardrobe builder
• What about cleaning your wardrobe and putting the right thing in the right place?
Shoes magician

• Find the second pairs of shoes, match them and place shoes into the correct boxes

What’s interesting in Mini-U: My Home?
• More than 200 lovingly illustrated items 
• Funny sounds, beautiful animations and artistic design
• Hidden surprises
• Kid-friendly gameplay
• A parental lock system
• No time limits and in-app purchases

In addition to three mini games, Mini-U: My Home has a bunch of hidden secrets. On the main screen you may find hidden teddy rabbit, cat & mice, red heart & snowflake, etc. In the About screen there is a cool robot that can produce you all our apps. Enjoy discovering My home!

Mini-U: My Home is a fun way to practice logical thinking, improve attention to details, concentration, and stimulate imagination and creativity. You can play it very easily with the help of intuitive settings for the parents and simple controls for the toddlers.

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Tamara Kaldor is busy reorganizing every drawer in her clinic space after using this app!

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