Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: PEEP and the Big Wide World Hide and Peep

Peep and his friends are hiding. Can you find them? This simple hide and seek game actually has more to offer than I first thought. Kids are shown where each character is hiding, and then asked to find a specific one. They must pay attention to where they are and to which one to find next. This FREE app is great for working on memory, listening skills, and following directions.

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The game starts with only three characters from the popular Peep series hiding in a garden shed. There is an opportunity to "level up" through finding Peep and all his friends correctly, without any mistakes. New friends arrive to hide making it a little more challenging to remember where more and more friends are.

Children are not penalized for a wrong guess. The narrator simply repeats which friend needs to be found next. Once new characters join the hide and seek game, they do not disappear or leave the game until exiting the game. Each time the game starts, it begins with only three friends.

Once my kids realized new characters would join each time they got the answer correct, they worked harder to pay attention. However, I was glad that they could still have fun searching without penalty if they weren't sure what the correct hiding spot was.  There was no frustration or feeling like they had to be perfect every time for fear of negative results.

For an added bonus, clicking the "i" button at the top of the hidden picture screen brings kids to a "Try this Anywhere Activity." It encourages children to get out and explore nature. Do watch though, there is a link to the Peep website on this page.

If your children enjoy the Peep preschool series on TV, or even if they have never heard of it, they will enjoy interacting with him in this FREE hide and seek app.

From iTunes:

Play hide and seek with Peep! In this Hide and Peep app, that lovable chick, Peep, and his friends are hiding. Can you find them all?

Peep and his friends peek from their hiding places in the tool shed. Kids then tap the screen where they think each character is hiding. Since every good scientist needs a keen eye, this game helps kids practice the observation and memory skills integral to scientific habits of mind.

The first level of this game has three characters hiding. If they are all found, the lights go out and the characters hide again, ready for the next round. The difficulty increases only if the previous round was successfully completed without mistakes. 
ABOUT PEEP and the Big Wide World Hide and Peep

The PEEP and the Big Wide World Hide and Peep app from WGBH was produced by WGBH, the producers of PEEP and the Big Wide World, with additional development work by CloudKid. The animated series PEEP and the Big Wide World gives wings to the innovative idea of teaching science to preschoolers. Wry and distinctive visual humor, charming plotlines, and lovable characters combine with a comprehensive science curriculum to attract and engage kids three to five years old. 

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Rachel H's 5 year old was doing better at this game than her.

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