Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Good Free App of the Day - Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe Interactive Game

Phonics Tic-Tac-Toe Interactive Game puts a twist on the basic Tic-tac-toe game by making players correctly answer a phonics question in order to earn each square. This app gives a fun little twist to answering a variety of phonics questions and is ideal for any child who benefits from an added layer of competition as motivation.

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Did you ever watch Hollywood Squares? It is the game show where celebrities sat in a Tic-tac-toe grid, and contestants had to get the celebrity's question right to earn either an X or an O. This game works on the same principle, only using phonics questions instead of celebrity trivia.

This app could help a child who is struggling with learning basic phonics skills. The game segment is enough to encourage a child to try to win, but not so complicated where the educational value is overshadowed.

Not only do children need to figure out strategic choices of which square they need to get correct next, but they can't always pick the easiest question to answer and still win the game. If they need the center square to win or to block their opponent from winning, then they must answer whatever question is in that box.

Sample questions include:
  • What are the last to letters of the picture below?
  • What letters are missing from this word? (picture shown and middle two letters blank)
  • In which word does the "c" make the same sound as the "c" in "rice?"
  • How many syllables are in this word?
  • Which word has a long "e" sound?
This game works best with two players, but a child can play by themselves as well. My son wanted to keep trying on his own so he could get better and beat his older sister. However, there is no audio, so children must have some basic ability to read. If they cannot yet read, they will need someone to help read the questions aloud.

This app is designed for kids aged 6+ or working on 1-3 grade level; however, I enjoyed playing it as well with my kids. Older kids working at an early readiness level will not find this app too babyish.

From the developers:

Children build language skills in a fast-paced game of tic-tac-toe! Fun, interactive game explores vowel sounds, syllables and more. For ages 6-8 years.

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Designed to meet these objectives:
  • Identifying blends and digraphs
  • Recognizing words with the same beginning sounds
  • Counting syllables in words
  • Recognizing words with the same ending sounds
  • Identifying sounds in words

Rachel H loves apps where her kids don't realize they are learning something educational because they just think it's fun.

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