Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Shapes+ FREE for a Limited Time Only!

There are many apps available to work on colors, shapes and counting. It takes a lot for an app to really stand out in this category. Shapes+ shines above the others in the amount of customization as well as ability to track progress.  The clean, non-distracting background also makes it easy for users to focus on the task at hand.  Make sure to download it today while it is FREE for a limited time!

If you would like to download Shapes+ (FREE for limited time, regularly $4.99, iPad only), please show your support by using our link:

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The activities in Shapes+ are very straight forward. Users can practice shapes, numbers, colors and testing their memory. They can also play games where the number of correct answers is recorded in the users profile. There is even an area to either trace different dashed-line shapes or free draw.

I admit, I am rarely one to go read a users manual. I like to dig in and figure things out for myself. However, for this app I highly suggest looking at the Help and Instructions page after downloading. There is some useful information on how to get the most out of this app.  It does a great job of laying out all the ways to use the app and how to configure it to meet your needs.

The settings allow users to specify exactly what content to work with. For instance, in the numbers section a user can check on or off which numbers to use from 1-20. New content can be added as the child is comfortable with more. If a child is struggling with recognizing colors, these can be added one at a time or in small batches, as to not overwhelm.

By default, the instructions on what to do are a written prompt without any audio. Although the settings audio can be enabled, the written prompt is then removed. This enables the app to accommodate both audio and visual learner, as well as non-readers.  The voice prompt is slow, clear and able to be repeated, if necessary.

This app has a lot to offer. Through the customization and metrics, it can be a great way to work with and track progress of children. There are no distracting backgrounds or cartoon characters. This is great for preschool children, as well as older children, working on this skill set since they will not feel like they are playing a kiddie app.  I highly recommend grabbing this app while it is FREE, but even if you don't, it is a good investment.

From iTunes:
SHAPES+ is an intuitive fun interactive game to learn colors, shapes and numbers. SHAPES+ also has free draw capabilities with shapes tracing or just free draw. SHAPES+ is targeted to early child development, Pre-K, differently abled individuals and anyone recovering from brain injury to tone motor skills. SHAPES+ is played either with Voice or Text Commands. In addition it can be played with either a stylus or players touch.

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