Saturday, January 18, 2014

Good Free App of the Day: Toca Kitchen Monsters

Monsters in the kitchen?  Has someone been spying on dinner time in our house?  Toca Kitchen Monsters features food falling off the plate, strange noises, interesting head wear, occasional raspberries being blown in complaint and strong food likes and dislikes.  If this sounds like your dinner time, I'm sure your kids will love this app!

I have to admit that I love pretty much every app that Toca Boca has developed, and Toca Kitchen Monsters is one more to add to that list!  It is simple and easy to use and would keep Giggles and Chatterbox entertained for hours if I didn't limit their iPad time!

If you would like to download Toca Kitchen Monsters (FREE, iPhone/iPad), please support Smart Apps for Special Needs and use the link provided below:

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This app contains no ads or in-app purchases.  There are external links to the developers website and Facebook located in the locked parent section.

Toca Kitchen Monsters enables children to explore cooking and discover the monsters likes and dislikes.  In our house, if one child opens this app, both crowd around the screen talking about what to feed the monster, how they might like the food to be cooked, and laughing about the monsters responses to the food.  I love an app that is a social experience, as Chatterbox, like most children with Autism, struggles with social situations.  Even when played alone, Toca Kitchen Monsters helps children with reading social cues -- the monster smiles if he likes something and blows raspberries if he doesn't.

In addition to helping with social skills, Giggles and Chatterbox are working on their language skills when playing this app together, especially if I join in.  This app can also lead to conversations about what the child themselves likes to eat and hopefully encourage them to try new foods.  

From iTunes:
Ever wanted to play with your food? Now you can! In this Monster edition of the super-hit Toca Kitchen you can cook and play with food for two hungry monsters. Pick any ingredient and prepare it in your own way! Slice, boil, fry, cook, microwave or mix? And wait for the response from the hungry monster...

✔ 2 cool monsters - each with their own favorite food!
✔ 8 different ingredients that can be prepared in many different ways!
✔ Season the food - but watch out if you do it too much...
✔ Slice, boil, fry, cook, microwave or mix any of the ingredients
✔ Optional vegetarian mode!
✔ Fantastic original artwork!
✔ No rules or stress - play any way your kids want to!
✔ Kid-friendly interface!
✔ No third-party advertising
✔ No in-app purchases

Toca Kitchen Monsters is not a game - it's a toy where you and your kids get to explore cooking. What happens if you mix a carrot and then fry it? What do Monsters like to eat? Why do the Monsters spit some food out if it is over-seasoned? Toca Kitchen supports free play for all ages and is a great way to use your imagination.

As with all Toca Boca toys, there are no high scores, time limits or stressful music. Your kids can play with it however they want!

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